2018’s Hottest Interior Design Trends

Fashions in interior design are just as exciting and dynamic as fashions in clothing; they can range from bright and colourful through to sleek and minimalist. If you’ve been looking around your living space lately and thinking you want to to freshen things up, looking at current interior design trends can be a great place to start finding inspiration.

Want to inject some colour into your surroundings, revamp an entire room, or invest in a few big ticket items to update the feel of your home? Whether your design ambitions are big or small, check out the hottest trends in interior design for 2018 for some inspiration that will get you well on your way.

Interior Design Trends 2018

Tonal design

This trend has been creeping up on us over the past couple of years and in 2018 it is big news. Decorating with lots of shades of the same colour is a striking and contemporary way of updating your space, but with a soft retro feel. Tones of pink or yellow are especially good for this trend, think Wes Anderson 20’s pinks or bright 70’s yellows.

More is More

There will always be a place for sleek minimalism in interior design, but for 2018 maximalism is having a moment. A personal favourite; to achieve a maximal look think lots of plants, sumptuous fabrics, rich colours and plenty of curios to fill the room.

Interior Design Trends 2018 Mixed Prints

Mixed Prints… 70’s Style

There are many call backs to the 1970’s in design trends right now, one of the strongest being the practice of bold clashing prints. If you find the thought of clashing prints in your home a little intimidating, then look at it as you would for clashing prints in an outfit: stick to the same colour family (and achieve the tonal trend too!), mix up geometric and florals, and choose patterns that you love.


This trend is universal across interiors and apparel this year! Add a little fringing to your soft furnishings to bring dimension and movement to your room. Fringe works best on curtains, lamps, and smaller items of furniture such as occasional tables and dressers.

Investment pieces

With so much in the way of interesting and colourful design out there right now, it is a great season to invest in some statement pieces that will carry you through the next couple of years. A colourful new sofa for your pink toned living room, deep pile carpet and thick luscious carpet underlay from the carpet underlay shop for your maximal bedroom, a fancy new dresser to add your fringing to… the possibilities are endless!

However you choose to restyle your home interior this year, let the big trends of 2018 inspire you to use colour, patterns, and high quality pieces to make your space your own. Whether you own or rent your home, each trend is so versatile that elements can be used effectively to truly make the space you inhabit reflect your personality.

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