My Favourite Size 26+ Bloggers

I love blogs, I love bloggers – I adore Instagram and I am always on Twitter. I’m a big fan of anyone who wants to put themselves out there on public platforms and read a lot of content from people of all shapes and sizes. However when it comes to relating to content and blogs that are important to me, those above a size 26 have a special place in my heart! I think when it comes to reading content from influencers online reading content from people who you can relate to, is super important. I love hundreds of bloggers, but here’s a selection of my favourite above a size 26!

Lucia from U Can’t Wear That

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Lolly from Lolly Likes Fatfashion

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Leah from Love Leah

Our Daisy from Daisy Says

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Chloe from Chloe in Curve

Hollie from Pretty Big Butterflies

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Our own Sophie, check out her articles on SMB!

and me! Debz from Wannabe Princess

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Who are your favourite bloggers?



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