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Black British, faith filled, curvy actress with a love for food, great music, good movies, life changing literature and awkward moments.
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Lyza Lawal, writer, blogger, vlogger and student, this woman from what I can see and what I believe is absolutely unstoppable! Honestly I don’t know how we’ve been sleeping on Lyza and her content because what she brings to the table is very much the direction the plus size community should be heading! Inclusive and intersectional, I have to say that this young woman is a powerful voice here in the UK for women of colour and especially plus size women of colour. We can’t forget the impeccable sense of style as well! I’ve been frantically scribbling down notes from her insta and youtube channel for later use in my own fashion sense. Basically keep your eyes peeled for this incredible woman and her incredible work! Women like her are part of the reason I get excited about the future of blogging and the future of the plus size community.

Tell me a little bit about yourself! What’s your background and when did you start blogging? 

Hello, My full name is Elizabeth Simisola Lawal (its longer but I have to keep it short) originally from Nigeria but I live in the UK.
I study Law at the University of Birmingham and currently in my final year about to graduate.  I started blogging in October 2017 because I wanted my body and my race to be represented in the Plus Size community, I got tired of the colourism and the exclusion of black female bodies!

What is it like for you as a British plus woman of colour and blogger?

So far I haven’t had any serious experiences yet. But what I have noticed when I went to a blogger event was that there were very few Women of Colour. For Black women, I noticed that it was mostly light skinned women that were present. I did feel a bit out of place and weird but I try not let things like that affect me or stop me from achieving my dreams. As a blogger, it’s a bit daunting knowing that a brand will probably pay you less than your white colleagues. However, I want to be able to connect with those brands and inform them the value that comes with women of colour so that history doesn’t repeat itself.
Lyza Lawal
Lyza Lawal
Who are your favourite British plus WOC?

Ohhhhh this is a hard one because I love them all. But my favourite is Dennetta Mckain!

What can the plus community do to ally with you?

White women should recognise their privilege and size 14-16 women should do the same. 

What are the important topics we should know that British plus WOC are dealing with? 

Colourism and Racism, lack of diversity.

What are your hopes for the plus community and for WOC in the plus community?

For there to be communication and acknowledgement of everyone’s difference.

How do you deal with insensitivity within the community? 

Education. It’s never a fight, its a process of educating others.

Lyza Lawal Lyza Lawal

How do you deal with targeted discrimination and racism, hate speech and prejudice within and outside of the community? 

The same thing just having that discussion.

I’m your dream world what opportunities would you like to see plus WOC bloggers having?

Campaigns, Modelling opportunities and more engagement with brands.

What tips can you give other plus WOC? What helps and encourages you?
Try not to let the glass ceiling stop you from breaking barriers. Being Christian, religion and prayer is a big help for me, from body positivity to content creation. But for people who are not religious have a goal in mind, and understand there is nothing wrong with being Black! your Black is Beautiful no matter what remember that.  Also, as Black women, we shouldn’t let stereotypes of what our bodies should look like affect us. Not every black girl has a big bum or thighs and sometimes one can feel inadequate because they don’t have these physical attributes. You deserve love and affection no matter the shape of your body or the colour and hue of your skin. Don’t let peoples expectations of your body perpetuate your mind because its all poison. Define your own rules for your body and live your best life!
Michelle Hopewell
Michelle Hopewell

Black British, faith filled, curvy actress with a love for food, great music, good movies, life changing literature and awkward moments.

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