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As Summer is on the horizon, this girl wants a tan. As I wear relatively high factors, and have skin that seems to reflect the sun, I opt to get mine in a bottle. I thought I’d hit the tan market and test out all the tan creams/spray tans on offer to the consumer market this Summer. I’ll test their appeal through scent, orange-ness, application, duration of wear and other factors. In short, I hope to save you a lot of time by lathering myself in different tan substances and reporting back. First up is TanCream.

Orange Factor 10/10

A big no-no for me is looking orange. This girl wants a lovely sun-kissed glow thank you very much. Tan Cream is pretty special in that on application you look bronzed. I’ve used other tans that have a green tint to stop the orange-ness, and come off after wash but this doesn’t require washing.

I’d say TanCream rates 10/10 in not looking orange at all.

Scent 10/10

Have you ever applied tan and felt like you’re a walking digestive? That or you have that rancid stale water vibe about you? Well luckily, this formula is scent free. I’ve literally been sniffing my arms all day. Nothing!

Application 9/10

I chose to apply this with a mitt. Purely because I am terrible at applying evenly. I find a mitt just helps me smooth out the cream. I wouldn’t say it required for this, but I did have a few little patchy parts across my body. Mainly my knee and wrist (pictured). Maybe I didn’t apply liberally enough. All in all the rest of my skin is spot on, I’ll easily pick these other bits up on my next application.

TanCream, She Might Be

TanCream, She Might Be

Duration of Wear 8/10

I’ve found this durable and lasting. I have done a little touch up here and there but all in all good.

Cost 6/10

At £39.95 it is definitely one of the more pricier fake tans. I suspect this is because of it’s brilliant benefits. I have found I’ve hardly used any, so it would probably last a while but I don’t really like forking out more than £15 for tan.

Other Points worth Noting 10/10

TanCream is SPF 50 and Ultra UVA 5 star High Sun Protection? Who doesn’t love to protect their skin and achieve the perfect glow? Let’s consider our own health and opt for an sun friendly formula.

I loved the anti-aging, anti-blemish, CC cream formula. I felt it looked a little like I was wearing foundation all over my skin, although it didn’t feel like that or look painted on. It literally melted onto the skin, smoothing out my little scars and blemishes.

Final Score: 53/60 (I’m going to apply another layer right now)



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