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Here at She Might Be, we’re big fans of UK indy brand Plus Equals, in case it wasn’t entirely obvious already. They make incredible and unique designs for plus size bodies and are proud to be a part of our community. I absolutely adore that they make wild and outrageous designs for everybody, they know that fat babes want sequins and glamour and sass too! When I did my recent photoshoot with Shannon Swift I just had to had take along my precious Leni Kimono!

Plus Equals

This jacket is just everything an alternative fat like me with a love for glam rock could ever have dreamed of. Sequins and faux fur mermaid realness! The best bit about this jacket? The sequin material is that mind blowing material that is one colour when in one direction, and another colour in the other direction! I have the purple and silver colour way, but it is also available in blue and silver, green and black, pearl and pink, and without the faux fur collar too.

Being able to own something so utterly fabulous in any size (they currently stock sizes 14-32 as standard in their new collection and have plans to expand this even further, and they offer made to measure!). It is so rare to see clothing like this for bodies like mine and it fills me with total delight. It’s obvious from my face in these photos that I’m thrilled!

Plus Equals

These are my favourite photos from my photoshoot, and the Leni Kimono is a huge part of that. It made me feel like I was making a dramatic entrance everywhere I walked, like an eighties wrestler. Ric Flair would have loved this! Here’s to Plus Equals, I cannot wait to see their new collection!




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