10 Bath Bombs That AREN’T From LUSH

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It goes without saying that the majority of the plus size community is feeling pretty disappointed in our formerly favourite cosmetics brand right now. If you haven’t heard about LUSH and their recent bad decision, the essence of the story is that they posted a selection of photographs which equated value with health, and then being fat with being in poor health. Of course we all know the basics: you can’t tell somebody’s health just by looking at them. People are entitled to be valued regardless of how healthy or unhealthy they are. Et cetera, et cetera. But apparently LUSH did not know these basics, and didn’t necessarily agree that anybody was entitled to be upset by their photographs. Which is fine by me: they’re pretty expensive and I prefer to support independent brands where I can, so I won’t be wasting any more time on a brand that clearly does not respect my worth.

I’m not going to be going without my weekly fizz fix, though. My Sunday night routine involves a hot bath, a book and a bath bomb, so it was time for me to head straight to Etsy and start looking for some replacements. I haven’t had time to test these bath bombs yet – believe me, if they had arrived in time, I’d have been heading straight for the bathroom – but there is such a cute selection out there and the prices are around the same (if not less) than you’d expect to pay at LUSH, so I thought I would share my most glitterful and wondrous finds.

bath bombs

At first glance, I thought this Soul and Soup bath bomb was a unicorn horn, but they have taken it one step further and labelled this rainbow magnificence a ‘unicorn poop’! This bath bomb is supposed to smell fruity, which is always a bonus, and they have stated it is 100% cruelty free.

This beauty by Arcadia Bath Company is fanning the gothic flames of my soul. Black and pink glitter will always have a special place in my heart, because it makes me think of MySpace and Skechers and the mounds of eyeliner which come with being 14. The best bit is that there are a whole bunch of scents you can choose from to make this bath bomb really personalised to your own tastes.


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This Unicorn Horn by SugarMilkCo is absolutely gorgeous, from the subtle shimmer to those adorable tiny stars embedded throughout. I personally love that this bath bomb looks so delicious they felt the need to state that it isn’t actually edible.

You guys! Trolls! This bath bomb by FizzyFriendsBathBomb is just adorable, with a nostalgic treat (because we could all use a bath toy?!) waiting inside for you. Of course, these bath bombs are aimed more at children with their promise of sweet smells and even sweeter surprises, but aren’t we all big kids at heart?

From one type of nerdy to another: behold, the Death Star bath bomb by Fizz Fairy. This is the bath bomb you are looking for: gorgeous essential oils and traditional ‘soapy’ smells, plus you even get a cheeky freebie in there too!

bath bombs

I’m going to be honest here: if the title starts ‘sparkly unicorn cupcake’, no matter how it ends I am almost definitely going to love it. This glittering bath bomb by BathingBeautiesUK is said to smell like ‘a cupcake a unicorn would eat’, is packed full of cosmetic glitter and is 100% Vegan. You can’t go wrong!

If you’re ultrafemme but absolutely sick of the unicorn craze, maybe these fairy dust bath bombs by Lizzie’s Fizzies will do it for you. These dusty pink sparkling bath bombs come in a set of three and look absolutely perfect for a quick weeknight soak.

The sparkles on this bath bomb by The Dirty Vegans are to die for. Bursting with iridescent shine and with a mouthwatering strawberry milkshake smell, this 100% vegan bath bomb is heaven in a bubble bath. They’ve even hinted at a special surprise at the end of the bath bomb which adults and children alike will love; I’ll have to keep you posted on that one!

I love a cherry bakewell, so this bath bomb from Little Ducks Soapery caught my eye straight away. Another bath bomb with a hidden treasure inside, and I’m sincerely hoping this one comes with the almondy smell I love in a good cherry bakewell.

My final love is probably my favourite: this set of Beauty and the Beast bath bombs by FizzFairy. HAVE YOU GUYS SEEN THESE?! Yet another hidden gift (maybe LUSH were missing the boat by not having so many gifts) and the classic imagery from our favourite Disney tale. I feel like I’m going to feel like a seven year old princess when I take a bath with these. To clarify, feeling like a seven year old princess is a positive. I think.


Will you be boycotting LUSH too? Let me know where you’re heading for your cosmetics now!




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