Five Things I Want You To Know About Fat Sex

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Before we get started with the sex talk, here is a quick key to some of the terms and phrases I’m going to be using during the course of this article.

Sex: any intimate sexual act which takes place between two consenting adults.

Partner: the other person involved in doing the sex with you – I will try to refrain from mentioning genders, and just to add I myself am a fat woman speaking from experience, so this is mainly who this article is going to be aimed at.

Bedroom: this is shorthand for the location where the sex will be taking place. Could just as easily be the kitchen, the living room, the downstairs bathroom, or in a field filled with long grass and  tiny cornflowers, your naked bodies being caressed by the warmth of the sun and the gentle breeze on your skin. But as it’s March, let’s stick with “bedroom” as a catch-all shall we? Good.


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Let’s crack on! Here are the top five things I want you to know about fat sex.

1. Being fat is not a secret. I absolutely promise you that the person you are about to have sex with already knows that you’re fat and they’re fine with it. This will not be brand new information, they will not be shocked or surprised.

2. You don’t need to stress or worry about what your partner thinks of your body. By virtue of the fact that they are in bed with you, about to have sex with you, this proves that they find you incredibly attractive. Chill! They definitely fancy you – as long as you fancy them too, you’re golden!

3. If you’re not completely comfortable being completely naked, please be aware that sexy clothes do come in big sizes or if that’s not your thing, throw on a big tee-shirt – whatever makes you feel at ease. And remember, people of all body shapes and sizes have these feelings. Everyone has a body, get comfortable with yours.

4. There is no wrong way to have a body, there is no wrong way to have sex. Whatever you and your partner want to do, so long as it is consensual is fine. You don’t need anyone’s approval, permission or validation. If you No Strings Dating, do it, just be careful.

5. Perhaps most importantly of all… fat sex is fun! It’s hot and squishy, giggly, soft and warm. Relax. Breathe. You have nothing to prove and everything to gain.


This comes from the heart – life is too short to not have great sex. I’m fat and I have AWESOME sex. Don’t think for one second that your size is an obstacle. Learn to love your body. When you stop caring what other people think, you’ll soon realise that mostly they think you’re amazing!




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