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Passionate about plus size clothing and having clothes to fit all. Fat positive, body positive and generally a fan of loving the skin you're in.

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A good few years ago, I discovered plus size dating websites and the notion that there were websites out there designed for people who had a preference for fat bodies. I thought these websites were great and they opened up a whole new world of dating for myself.

Not long after this I found out that there were also fat positive nights out and other meet-up events. Closed mindedly, I stubbornly thought I didn’t need any special events to attend just because of my size. In my mind, if I wanted a night out, I could go on one anytime – why would I need something special for this?

Fast forward to 2018 and I pretty much attend every single fat and body positive event there is, and there are many! I have to tell you, these events are so uplifting and amazing and if you haven’t tried something like this – please do!

Why I Love Fat Positive Events

Nights Out

There are a number of different body positive nights out that I have attended, my favourite being Club Indulge. It is very much a body positive event, however the emphasis on it being fat positive really shines through. It is a club night in London run by a wonderful lady called Miranda. Every time I have been, I’ve met fabulous fat women to share j√§gerbombs with and had a marvellous time! So much so that I’ll be attending their 2nd annual weekender event later this year and I would recommend it to anyone.

Clothes Swaps

I discovered fat clothes swaps when I lived in London, but I have been to events in The Midlands and The North too. Although these concentrate very much on being clothes swaps, they’re happy for people who need them to come along and get help too. We all know that fat clothing isn’t as accessible to everyone as it should be, so these events are all about giving a little back! Usually there is decent cake and there is always amazing company so I would highly recommend.

Fashion Events

There have been a number of plus size fashion events that have come and gone over the years. They have all given something a little different to the community so I couldn’t choose a favourite. The one that probably gives a little bit of something for everyone is The Curve Fashion Festival, which is having its 3rd event this year in Liverpool. The event in the past has had a great community feel with catwalks, stalls to browse, and a few new brands to discover all under one roof.

Fat Positive Events

To be honest, there are so many events, it’s hard to talk about them all. London has plenty of fat positive talks and discussions, there are meet ups arranged via plus size Facebook groups, shopping trips arranged with groups of bloggers and so much more. I know that it can be really daunting to attend your first one – but I promise you it is worth it!

You’ll get to meet some amazing people and be reminded that you are not alone living in a fat body. You’ll be inspired by fashion, discover new people to follow online, and if you’re anything like me, leave with a bit of a spring in your step.

Remember, everyone who attends has had to attend their first ever first event and then they have come back for more! Next time you see an event you can get to, why not go along? What do you have to lose?




Passionate about plus size clothing and having clothes to fit all. Fat positive, body positive and generally a fan of loving the skin you’re in.

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