She Might Be at The Curve Fashion Festival 2017

The Curve Fashion Festival was the biggest plus size event this year – and in actual fact, the only event! Here’s what 5 members of SMB Magazine thought of it…



On the whole I enjoyed this year’s Curve Fashion Festival.  I liked that the venue was easy to find and that there was plenty of parking which was not a long walk from the venue. The staff were super polite and helpful too which was a bonus.
My highlight was seeing old friends and getting to talk about She Might be – I took the board round and it was fun to hear what people thought of the magazine and interesting to watch them trying to  think of a word to describe themselves.
My favourite stall as always was Nicky Rockets – they always have something for everyone (literally) and they are affordable. A lot of the other stalls were very samey – lots of similar colours and styles, nothing really grabbed me. It felt like almost every other stall was doing glitter facepaint too – which is kinda fun, but it gets a bit tedious when everyone is doing it. The most interesting stalls were the ones that had something to say about what was in the pipelines, such as Heist tights who told me about their plans to make tights for plus size babes by TALKING to us to find out our wants and needs, because they know that one size does definitely NOT fit all.
I would say to anyone to come along next year. Events focussed on plus size are way too few and far between and if people stop attending, the events will stop .
As for what could be better – same as ever really, more seating, more brands, more inclusivity.
2017 was better than 2016, but I think there is a way to go before I could say that Curve Fashion Festival is the best event I have been to. 

Curve Fashion Festival
Curve Fashion Festival Curve Fashion Festival


The Curve Fashion Festival was yet another amazing date in the Plus Size calendar. The highlight of this year’s event for me was catching up and finally meeting some of my favourite bloggers. The festival allows you to walk around and engage with them so easily as opposed to feeling detached and separate. I ran into many babes including BodiPosiPanda (who was an utter delight). I particularly loved the Yours Clothing stand as I was working it with 3 other bloggers offering styling tips and advice to anyone who wanted it. As one of the larger exhibitors it wasn’t too crowded and allowed for feeling the clothes properly as well as trying them on. If, like me, you’re a big fan girl in the plus size community, you should visit next year to ensure you can meet and chat with your favourite bloggers/influencers!

Curve Fashion Festival Curve Fashion Festival


The catwalks were wonderful this year and really were the highlight for me, especially the lingerie! It always fills me with joy seeing fat women owning a catwalk, especially sashaying down the runway in beautiful underwear celebrating all of their wobbles and bumps.

I loved how much there was to offer to actually buy this year and the New Look stall really blew me away with how it was set up – like a mini store with clothes and shoes and accessories. The Missguided and BooHoo stands looked beautiful too and it was amazing to see PlusEquals and feel the quality of their pieces in person.
I met some really amazing people there this year and it felt even more of a friendly, community experience. I chatted to so many people and everyone looked fantastic, it was really heartwarming!
I always tell people to go for it and go to Curve Fashion Festival if they’re unsure – even if there are only some aspects that you are interested in, like sneak previews of next season or getting a few bargains or just catching up with friends. I always leave feeling really positive and loved up from seeing so many fabulous people!

Curve Fashion Festival Curve Fashion Festival


Curve Fashion Festival 2017 was my first time attending the event. I’ve not had a huge presence online as a blogger, but have been floating around social media as a plus size commentator for some time. I recognised a LOT of faces! Meeting Hayley Hasselhoff was absolutely amazing! After going to CFF it was wonderful to know I belonged to something so full of a positive self-worth message. 

I loved the CFF17 because 1. The people I got to talk to were honestly the loveliest group of people I’ve ever met and were kind enough to include me in their community 2. I was able to buy clothes in an environment that wasn’t online which is something I haven’t done in years! 3. Going this year has made me so proud of the community I am officially part of. I left feeling like I belonged and couldn’t wait to do more to make myself and others feel full of self-love. 

My favourite stands were In The Style Curve and WYC. WYC had beautiful clothes that I loved and I honestly wanted to buy it all! 

What I’d like to see next year:
Wide fit shoes
More lingerie
Bopo art
Simply Be & Evans
Why you should go:
I was in awe of every person I came across. I left feeling so empowered and fulfilled in knowing plus size brands are growing and evolving!
Curve Fashion Festival Curve Fashion Festival Curve Fashion Festival


The highlight for me this year was seeing so many plus sized babes being able to be comfortable with each other while wearing daring fashion and chatting to the brands about what we want and what we deserve in the plus size fashion industry.
The best stalls for me was In The Style Curve and Lindy Bop!

I think that people should go next year because it’s one the opportunities to reconnect with the plus sized community and the fact that we can talk to the brands and have our opinions heard is unmissable.

Curve Fashion FestivalCurve Fashion FestivalCurve Fashion Festival


Liked: Feedack has been listened to. Lots of space, seating and variety of stalls. Loved seeing everyone and getting the chance to catch up.
Loved: New Look, Topsy Curvy, Apple’s and Pears for having options up to a size 32. I also paid a couple of visits to the alcoholic slushy stall 😍
I would attend because you get to shop and try on clothes in a comfortable environment. Discover new brands, make new friends and watch some amazing catwalks
I’d love to see more stalls with clothes above a size 28.


Our incredible editor, Daisy, even took a She Might Be board and asked all of you to write something on it, here’s some of our favourite responses….

Curve Fashion FestivalCurve Fashion FestivalCurve Fashion FestivalCurve Fashion FestivalCurve Fashion FestivalCurve Fashion FestivalCurve Fashion FestivalCurve Fashion Festival

We had an amazing time and we can’t wait for next year!

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