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Tips For Building Up Your Credit Score

Whether you are brand new to the world of credit and borrowing, or you have made financial mistakes in the past and you’re now back on track with your budgeting, there are things you can do to repair your credit score. We’re going to look at some of the ways you can make a difference.

Getting to know the score.

First, find out where you are in terms of credit. If you have made poor financial decisions in the past, your credit score might show past defaults and even CCJs. To get any kind of credit rating, you have to have had some kind of credit – a credit card, an overdraft, a loan. How well you manage these and the disposable income you have to play with each month are some of the things taken into consideration for credit scoring.

There are several credit reference agencies which will hold information about you. For example,  Experian, Noddle, Clearscore – most offer at least a free trial. (But remember to cancel this before the free trial ends or you could end up paying a monthly fee for the service).

credit score

White desk with notepads underneath a phone screen, showing a credit score rating.

Is everything right?

It is vital that information held on you is correct as this can have a big impact on a company’s decision on whether to lend to you or not. Is your full name correct? Are you registered at your home address on the Electoral Roll? (Also relevant if you want to vote in elections!) If your record is showing any defaults or outstanding balances, are they accurate? If not, you are entitled to dispute the records and to ask for corrections to be made.


Building up your credit score.

There are credit cards on the market now, designed for people taking their first steps in borrowing and for those of us who have made mistakes in the past. Vanquis is one such provider. They advertise their cards as a credit builder and offer good advice about getting back on track. Most lenders nowadays offer the facility to “check your eligibility” – this in effect is a soft search, so (unlike repeated full searches) won’t harm your credit rating.


Know your limits.

Always stay within your credit limits. Credit card companies like to see that you are managing your money well, sticking to  the limit and making regular payments on time. The cards that are specifically designed to repair poor credit histories are reviewed more regularly. If your account is managed well, you could be offered a credit limit increase. Please note you don’t have to accept the increase. If you feel like you will be tempted to spend outside your set budget, the you are within your rights to turn down any increases.


Make regular payments.

Try not to miss a payment and always pay on time. If you go over, even by just a day, you could be hit with extra charges which will then throw your budget out if kilter the following month. It’s a vicious circle! Make a note of the due date in your diary, stick a post-it in  the fridge door, set a calendar alert in your phone – just give yourself a reminder of when you are supposed to pay. Again, a well maintained account will get your credit score moving in the right direction.


Keep in touch.

Communication is key. Stay in touch with your bank or credit card provider and let them know as soon as possible of any changes in your circumstances, particularly ones that will affect your ability to make expected payments. As a rule, financial institutions are happy to work with you to find solutions. They can only do that if you keep them up to date with what’s happening, If they don’t hear from you, they aren’t able to ascertain  the difference between “can’t pay” and “won’t pay”.

Do you have any other suggestions for improving your credit score? Pop in the comments and let us know.

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Affordable Elegant Jewellery

If you are in the market for some gorgeous new accessories, I suggest you head over to Elma Jewellery. They have rings for every finger and prices to suit every pocket.

Now that Spring is finally in the air, what better way to celebrate than to buy a new ring or two? Hopefully something shiny to pick up the sunbeams so we can sparkle all the way to Summer. There are an absolute abundance of rings to choose from. Whether you want something chunky and statement or you prefer a simpler band, there is a huge selection, for both men and women.

Obviously we are getting near wedding season and there are so many wedding and engagement rings, all beautifully made. There is a section called “unusual rings” and here you can select from Celtic and Russian rings, as well as jewellery made from more diverse materials such as carbon, ceramic and ones with wood inlay.

Different ring styles from Elma Jewellery

Different ring styles from Elma Jewellery

There are also plenty of traditional wedding bands, in a variety of precious metals. Bang on trend for 2018, you could also go for a bridal ring set, which includes a matching engagement ring and wedding band, designed to sit together perfectly. My personal favourite in this range also includes an eternity ring and I imagine the three would look absolutely incredible together.

The hot colour trend for 2018 is purple and staying with this theme, Elma Jewellry have some stunning amethyst pieces. The bracelets in particular are gorgeous – so intricate and delicate.

We all love a bargain here at She Might be – this site offers free shipping on jewellery orders over £50 and there is finance available on the pricier items. There is even a clearance corner for even bigger savings and for that last little personal touch, you can add your choice of message in a custom engraving on whatever jewellery you want – that would make for a really special gift that would be treasured forever.

Take a look – treat yourself or maybe drop some hints to your special someone – who knows? Maybe the time is right for you to pop the question?!


Bingo! Here’s a fun way to win! – AD

Who likes a little flutter every now and then? The occasional bet on the Grand National maybe? A lottery ticket or scratchcard here and there? Everyone likes the chance to win a bit of extra cash, especially with Christmas coming up. We have already talked about lottery tickets and ways to save money. Now we have a question for you…

Have you ever played bingo? It can be a great fun night out – picture it –  all your mates with you, a few drinks, perhaps a bite to eat and the chance to win a few quid back? Sounds like fun, right? What if I told you you could get the same result staying home in your PJs with one eye on The X Factor, and not have to worry about trying to get a taxi back at 10pm in the rain?


I know – even better! Online bingo games are the way forward. But it’s literally a maze. Daytime TV shows are often sponsored by online bingo sites, I don’tknow if you have ever noticed that, but there are loads of them. How do you now which the good ones are? Which ones have the biggest prizes? Which are best for you?

Worry not – help is at hand! You are just a few clicks away from finding out which sites have the best deals and what kind of opening offers are available for new players. Choose wisely and you could find your Christmas shopping paid for, or the funds for those new boots that you have had your eye on, while enjoying an entertaining evening in and not even caring if your eyebrows are on fleek!

There are certain things to bear in mind – not every game you play will result in a win, so never gamble more than you can afford to spend and osme sites will have a wait period before you can withdraw your winnings – so you may have to wait just a little while longer for the boots. With all that in mind, sit back, get the kettle on and let’s see if Lady Luck is smiling at us today!


Money Matters – Six Top Tips – AD


Who doesn’t need more money? I mean, really – there is always a bill that needs paying, or some new must-have make-up range being released. And hey, Christmas is just around the corner – that just about obliterates everyone’s finances, so we start the New Year with nothing – or worse – less than nothing!

Today, we’re going to look at different ways of making money, saving money and getting the most out of your money … this time next year, we could all be millionaires!


The first step in working out how you can save money, is finding out where your money actually goes. Start tracking your spending. Every single penny needs to be accounted for. You can do this in a variety of ways – a notebook is the simplest one, just jot down every purchase you make. Be brutally honest – sometimes this will be hard going, reading back your habits, but do it and do it properly.

You could go one stage further and create a spreadsheet, if spreadsheets are your thing – they’re not mine, but some of the She Might be team LIVE for spreadsheets… don’t they Sophie??? For those of you that like planners or bullet journals, how about a spending tracker? Plus point for this is, you can customise it any way you want, tailored to suit your own personal needs.


Just the essentials. Food. Household bills. Travel expenses – which, by the way, do not include that takeaway coffee and artisan croissant that you grab as you dash through the station every morning. That’s not a “need”, that’s a “nice to have”. You know what’s nicer to have? A healthy bank balance and less stress about debts. Choose wisely. Is it cheaper to take sandwiches to work than to grab lunch from a supermarket or a works’ canteen? I’m a big fan of taking left-over dinner for the next day’s lunch – second day lasagne is mighty fine, and preferable to a limp sandwich that probably cost four times as much, from a garage forecourt on the way into work.


There are a whole raft of online sites now that will help you save while you spend – from member discounts, to actual cashback and flash sales, special offers, if you sign up for a few, you can watch the rewards roll in. I would not consider switching my insurance or utilities provider now, without surfing through the cashback sites to see which is going to give me the best deal. There are apps that you can use to compare prices in seconds – always worth checking!


We all have too much stuff. It’s a modern day curse. But one person’s junk is another person’s treasure and there are a myriad of ways to decrease your clutter and increase your bank balance. Just pop the name of your town and the word “sales” into any social media search engine and see how many selling pages are available. Stop – don’t look too closely, you are selling, not buying, remember! These sites are ideal – people will come and collect your unwanted stuff and you will have the cold hard cash in your hand, without having to go to the bother of posting it out.


It is always worth spending time searching online for the best possible deals. Can you transfer the balance from your credit card to a 0% interest card? The amount you are saving in interest will help you clear the debt quicker. If you need some money in a hurry – and we all have those unexpected emergencies – you might want to consider a consolidation loan, or a short-term loan – there are lots of places now that specialise in loans for bad credit. Check the small print and work out what is affordable for you.


Are you a whizz with a sewing machine? People are always on the look out for dressmakers to do clothing alterations, or to make curtains. What can you do in the time available to you? A bit of weeding and lawn-mowing at the weekends? I would pay someone to do that! Ironing? Dog walking? Baby sitting? Maybe you love crafting or photography – there are several handmade sites where you can sell all things that you are currently creating just for fun.

Don’t work harder, work smarter – make your hobby work for you and it won’t even feel like work!

Challenge yourself and see how good you can make your bank balance look come January 1st.


My Top Ten Feel Good Twitter Accounts

So, what’s your favourite social media space? Me, I love Twitter. Facebook makes you hate the friends you already have, Twitter makes you fall in love with people you’ve never met. Twitter makes you want to buy drinks for people. Facebook makes you want to throw drinks at them. I could go on, but you get the idea…

Maybe it’s the character limit. Perhaps 140 letters is just not enough time to reveal yourself as a total arse? I don’t know. But anyway, I digress – I love Twitter. When I was a kid, I had multiple penfriends and lived for the letters we would exchange. In a way, Twitter is exactly like that, only shorter and quicker. Micro updates throughout the day, straight to my phone.

One of the ways I like to preserve and protect my mental health is by filling my social media with like minded souls, so when the bad days come, there are still these little beams of positivity bursting in through the dark clouds. Reinforcement and validation for the times I’m just not feeling it.

Sounds good right? You want some of that for yourself? Great! If you don’t already have one, sign up for a Twitter account and let’s get following!


Jes Baker – activist, speaker, author and all round awesomeness. Jes is honest and open and what she doesn’t know (and share) about living in a fat body, isn’t worth knowing.



Alysse Dalessandro – plus size fashion blogger turned wildly successful designer. Alysse makes clothes that are beyond fabulous and uses genuine plus bodies to model them.


“Your fat friend” – apologies, I don’t know her real name – shares her wisdom on Twitter and at length on Medium. Asking the hard questions on Twitter, she finds a way of putting our fat feelings into words, so non-fats can learn better how to support us.


Amazing family owned business, fronted by Perelandra & Nicky, not only do they have their exclusive, inclusive designs, bringing fashion for all (and I do mean all), but their Twitter feed is a thing of beauty. Positive, uplifting and the biggest “Just do you” ever. Another brand that features real plus sized customers wearing their clothes – we love that!



Baker, author and model, Ruby shot to fame in 2013 when she appeared on The Great British Bake Off. Speaking openly about her battle with eating disorders and campaigning for a sea-change in attitudes towards food, Ruby’s razor sharp wit and searing honesty make her Twitter feed one to watch.



Melissa A Fabello is an important voice, speaking loud and clear on body image, feminism and sexuality.


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Michelle Elman, activist and coach is an emerging star on the BoPo scene. Her #scarrednotscared campaign is gathering ground and her message is really important.



Judi Craddock, another amazing coach, keeps her Twitter feed positive with her strategies for better body confidence. I happen to know that Judi is currently writing a book,and I can’t wait for that to be released.


Nathanael Lark is an artist, living in Los Angeles. His drawings are cute and sexy and he truly sees the beauty in everyone. He only has a small following in Twitter, but has over 40k followers on Instagram.

So that’s ten super awesome Twitter accounts for you to follow. But before I go, I just want to check…are you following US on Twitter?? If not, why not? You’re missing out!


Our fab writers (she said modestly) all log int0 our She Might Be Twitter account, so we can share all the latest in body positivity news and keep you all up to date with what we have planned. It’s probably the fastest way to get hold of us and we’re also on Facebook and Instagram. Are you following us there too?


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We Test The Couples Quiz – AD

My partner and I are terrible in bed. Get your minds out of the gutter – I don’t mean like that! But we are complete opposites when it comes to the perfect night’s sleep. My favourite is when we visit his Mum and get to drift off into the magical world of memory foam at night, whereas sometimes he literally sleeps on the floor because everything is too soft for him. When BedGuru got in touch, I was intrigued – could this be the end of a decade of alternating poor sleep? Before diving in to making a purchase, I thought it would be fun to take their #CouplesQuiz and join in the campaign to promote their mattresses specifically aimed at couples.

How did you meet?

Seven years ago, I met a guy on Twitter. He didn’t even have a picture of himself as his icon, and he mostly dedicated the account to winding up celebrities and playing hashtag games. We began direct messaging, and then sending texts, and then talking on the phone for eight hours a day and the rest is history!

How long have you two known eachother?

We have known each other for around seven and a half years. Though we didn’t physically meet up until March 2010.

What do you do to keep the love alive?

After almost a decade together, it can be hard! Being kind and appreciative of each other is top priority. Compromising and making a point of acknowledging each other’s hard work. And we make each other laugh every day, which helps.


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What are your partner’s pet peeves?

We kind of share the same pet peeves – we can’t tolerate idiots at all! Slow people in the supermarket, people who don’t indicate when they’re driving, kids who don’t pick up after themselves… Pretty normal married couple pet peeves! He also gets frustrated when I steal all the covers – but then throw them onto the floor when I don’t want them anymore! And I get annoyed that we have to flip the mattress every week because it’s never quite comfy enough.

What do you love most about eachother?

We definitely love each other’s sense of humour. I always say that we don’t have to laugh all day every day, but as long as we laugh every day we are fine.

What is the most memorable gift you have received from your partner?

Would it be too corny to say my kids? Oh, and my engagement ring of course.

What is your favourite memory as a couple?

Our favourite memories are the tiny meaningless ones that make absolutely no sense to anybody else, but will crack us up every time we remember them. Inside jokes like ‘why is there countryside?’ seems like nothing, but is guaranteed to send us back in time with a good old giggle every time.

What is the most key component of your relationship?

Our family are very insistent that we are a team. It is important that we always know we are on the same side.

Where is your dream destination for a couples holiday?

We are desperate to go to the Maldives! Who wouldn’t want to lounge around in paradise for a fortnight?!

What are your favourite things to do as a couple?

It is very very rare that we have a day to ourselves with neither of our kids around. If we did, we would probably wander around some charity shops, go for a nice lunch somewhere and then go home and lounge around in bed watching movies.

It’s funny how we can be so compatible in some ways, but when it comes to sleep we are completely incompatible. BedGuru believes that everybody should get a good night’s sleep, so I was totally stoked to make this post  before heading off to explore their range of couples mattresses myself!

This post is in collaboration with BedGuru

Top Trends for a Beautiful Summer – AD


As Spring slides effortlessly into Summer, we thought we’d take a look at what’s hot in the beauty stakes right now.

Red lipstick, usually the stalwart of everyone’s Winter wardrobe is making a special guest appearance this summer and I couldn’t be happier. I love a statement lip and it’s the perfect accompaniment to all the florals filling the racks and rails at the moment. Glossy colours are big news this summer and on some of the catwalks, nude colours and clear gloss were featured prominently, so if redder than red isn’t your thing, you can still stay on trend

There’s nothing like like a smear of highlighter across the cheekbones, for catching those rays and making you sparkle and gleam. It’s a look that will see you through the summer nights too, glitzing up everyone’s summer balls and barbecues. Of course, highlighter is not just for cheekbones – dab it everywhere the sun catches you, for a lovely summery sun-kissed dewy look.


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Following hot on highlighter’s heels, it seems that glitter is big for 2017. Once upon a time glitter was considered something of an “after dark” accessory, but more and more we’re seeing fashionistas in broad daylight with glitter lips or slick glitter eye liner. (And sometimes both! Love it!) A cut crease with glitter eyeliner is a thing of beauty, keeping the mermaid/unicorn trends right at the forefront of fashion.


The beauty counters and nail bars are filled with really bright colours, very reminiscent of the 80s, all primary colours and nearly neons. If you’re treating yourself to nails for your holiday, you should ask your nail technician to see the shellac CND from Ellisons range. Beautiful, durable colours in every shade imaginable – match them to your makeup or your swimwear!

We’re aware of the damage heat can cause to our hair, that’s why there are many heat protection sprays and lotions to use before styling with straighteners or tongs, but what about the heat from the sun? Should we be protecting our hair against natural heat? Yes we absolutely should and there are an array of products that will protect your hair from harmful UV rays, while also hydrating your scalp. Bonus feature, they also smell amazing.

Jump into the comments and tell us about the trends you’re loving this summer!

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