Hopeless in Heels: 5 Flat Shoes To Complete Your Look

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5 Flat Shoes To Complete Your Look

All hail the flat shoe!
Are you like me, and utterly hopeless in heels? It has been rather a long standing joke with me that I simply can’t do them at all. But what do you do when you have an event or a party to attend, and you want to look your best?

Do not despair, for I have rounded up five favourite flat shoes, proving that you can complete your outfit in comfort and still look glam, on any budget!

5 Flat Shoes To Complete Your Look

1. Irregular Choice Altruism – £79.99

This unbelievably adorable design packs glitter, glamour and fringe trim all in one! Teamed with the lovely shape, a pair of these (also available in red and black) is bound to add something special to any outfit and keep you going all night!

2. Dorothy Perkins Black ‘Hula’ Glitter Heel Pumps – £16.20

If you don’t fancy going for an entirely glittery shoe, and instead fancy a flash of sparkle, these are perfect. A small and sturdy heel means you get a teeny bit of height without compromising on balance!


3. Clarks Hamble Oak in Gold – £60.00

I can’t resist a good pair of brogues, and this is a good pair of brogues! I own a pair of this style in black, and find this a very comfortable and smart look to complete my most-worn outfits. Sturdy and built to last, and beautiful in this colour, too!

4. Deichmann Ghillie Lace-Up Ballerinas in Peach – £17.99

I think this is a really pretty shoe style and the laces REALLY give it a feel of a ballerina! I would perhaps even go one step further and replace the laces with matching ribbon to give your outfit an elegant feel.

5. George at Asda Leopard Print Ballet Flats – £12.00

If you’re a leopard print gal then these are perfect for adding interest to your Little Black Dress! Perhaps team with a leopard print hair bow, bag, or bolero and you’re good to go.

So there you have it – flats to suit both your feet and your budget. Your shoes might be flat but that doesn’t mean you have to be. You might not be in high heels but don’t be fooled into thinking this means you can’t step out in style and stand out!


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