Autumn Layers Without Covering Up with Wingz

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Autumn Layers Without Covering Up with Wingz

Autumn is here and so are all the lovely trends and lines for AW16. Mustard is a must have colour, sequins are on everything (which I’m very much loving!) and layers are a girl’s best friend. There are some really gorgeous bomber jackets out in the plus size fashion market at the moment and some really gorgeous cardigans.

But, sometimes a nice cardigan or jumper can make me feel like I’m ruining an outfit. Sometimes you just want to show off that gorgeous dress without having to resort to a cardigan or jumper to stave off the cold. Or, if you’re like me, you want to cling onto summer for as long as you possibly can, still wear bright floral prints and rock a light airy dress. You’re not QUITE willing to trade in your summer clothes for those winter jeans and knee high boots just yet.

Here’s where Wingz™ come in, sleeves that you can wear under any outfit, so you can get some warmth without covering up. For when you don’t want to layer up or search for the perfect cardigan to match your dress or outfit.


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They come in a few variants but the ones I’ve chosen for this are the new lace ones, which come in black and white. I’ve paired mine with my Hell Bunny Sunflower dress. Still bright and summery while in October! They also have some pretty good stretch to them, which is great for a plus size garment. I will admit that I found them a little fiddly to wear, only because I have such tiny little shoulders that they slipped off a bit! Something to be mindful of before trying them out. Nothing that a bit of tape, or a pin can’t handle though.

So readers, if you want to prepare yourself for Autumn without the layers, then keep Wingz™ in mind if you fancy adding sleeves to a summer or sleeveless outfit.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my little AW16 fashion tip! If you have any little ones of your own, please do comment and share!


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