Surviving Valentine’s Day Alone



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Once January is out of the way, it feels like we can’t move without someone gushing over their romantic plans or some magazine telling us we should be making arrangements for the big day. As a girl that will be spending Valentine’s Day alone, I wanted to tell you – it’s okay!

Why Is Valentine’s Day So Important?

To me, whether or not I am in a relationship – Valentine’s Day is all a bit commercial. Of course, it would be nice to wake up to breakfast in bed or 12 red roses being delivered, but I would love those any day not just on February 14th! I feel like anything that we get on that day can feel forced, like we’re obligated to confess our love for people on this day – when really we would do that on any other day if we really wanted to.

Valentine's Day

Spending The Day Alone

Spending Valentine’s Day without a significant other is absolutely okay and if anyone makes you feel differently, they are wrong! Why not use this day to take part in some self care and spend time looking after yourself? You can even treat yourself to something new!

There are so many different ways that we can treat ourselves on the 14th, without the need for a loved one to treat us. I think on the evening of Valentine’s Day I’ll cook my self a really nice dinner, and maybe even have a few hours of face and hair masks and then an early night. So often we’re taught to rely on other people to treat us well, but why not treat ourselves?

Celebrating Love

The idea behind Valentine’s Day is to show people that we love them – so why not tell your friends and family too? At work we’re doing a present swap (secret Santa style) and a friend of mine will be swapping presents with me too. I’ll try and use social media to spread a bit of love as well!

More often than not we’re perfectly okay with spending Valentine’s Day alone, until we start to read in main stream media that we should be spending it being wined and dined. Trust me, it isn’t true. Spend the day however you choose and don’t let anyone tell you that you are wrong!


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