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October is my favourite time of year, because October means Halloween – and I love it. It’s the one time of year when I can really reveal my inner goth and vamp up and feel like me. It’s also the time of year I buy the most homeware, because Halloween is everyday for people like me! I’ve already been snapping up the bargains, and I had to share some favourites I’ve seen online…..

matalan Halloween Homeware

Matalan was the first place I heard about having their Halloween range in stock, so a trip to check out their wares was needed. My local store had one table dedicated to their spooky homeware, most of which they also have online. The adorable little porcelain dishes were my favourite, and a bargain at £1.50 each. They don’t have these on their website, but I am sure they’ll have them in your local store! The other thing I picked up was the little light up pumpkin. LED lights have become a real trend in homeware, and Halloween themed is perfect for me! They also have a large range of skeletons, so if creepier is more your taste they can certainly fulfill that too.

asda Halloween Homeware


Asda are usually my go-to store for homeware. They have some cute bits in this year, but it was really disappointing to see that they’ve decided to put sugar skulls on everything and consider Day of the Dead to be Halloween themed. Cultural appropriation is a whole other blog post, but it’s not cool, and I was disappointed in them.

wilko Halloween Homeware


For cheap and cheerful, it has to be Wilkos. They have classic Halloween décor, lanterns, pumpkins, skeletons, all at really affordable prices. If you are looking to kit your house out for a party this is definitely the place to go!

flying-tiger Halloween Homeware

Flying Tiger don’t carry their stock online, but from what I gather, their stores are stuffed to the cauldron brim with Halloween goodies. My Mum sent me a video of her local store and they have so much cute homeware. Their website has the odd example listed, but they have so so much more in stock. I need to visit my Mum just so I can stock up.

tkmax Halloween Homeware


The store that is really killing it for me this year, is TK Maxx. What they are carrying this year isn’t just Halloween decorations, but proper, solid, Halloween homeware. I leave my Halloween homeware up all year round, so this makes me one happy critter! It’s classy grown up goth, and I am in serious lust. I want it all! I could spend an absolute fortune in TK Maxx this year.

I take Halloween very seriously, and would love to know your favourite places for Halloween goodies!




Kitty Morris
Kitty Morris

Plus size blogger, fashion photographer, cat lady and wife.

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