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Testing the Tans: St Moritz Review

To put another tan to the test, St Moritz kindly sent me some samples to try out to achieve the perfect ‘golden glow’. Full disclaimer, I’ve used St Moritz since the age of 16 and absolutely love the product. I’ll be as fair as possible in my review but as I’ve used it for years and years I know the ins and outs of it! Here I tried out the St. Moriz Professional Self Tan Mousse in Dark. Let’s get to it then.

Orange Factor 9/10

I’ve never really had issues with looking orange from St. Mortiz. It seems to have a green tinge in it (which you’ll find if you get to the end of the bottle) which stops the orangeness. I will say however it is slightly more warmer than the previous cream I tested out. I kinda like this though, as I instantly feel I’ve been sunkissed.

Scent 6/10

I wouldn’t say you initially smell like full blown digestive. You actually smell really nice the first hour or so. I think they’ve been developing the scent issues out a bit. However, after the development time of 6 hours you definitely do. For me though, I usually apply before night, wake smelling like a biscuit factory and shower it off to cover myself in scented body butter. Tiny problem sorted.

Application 9/10 

As per my previous review, I applied with a mitt. Using the Mousse is super easy application, even around those tricky knees and elbows. I do find you need to put a bit of elbow grease into it to get it lathered on properly. It does however, seem to go on pretty smoothly and without dodgy patches. If you do get those marks, don’t worry. Hop in the shower after application time and it seems to sort itself out.

Duration of Wear 9/10

I’ve found you need one application to last roughly a week or so depending on how often you shower/bathe and how hard you scrub. I use the St Mortiz gradual tan & protect to top it up when necessary if I see rough patches here and there.

St Mortiz, She Might Be

Cost 10/10

It’s a bargain. Aldi have it for £2.99, Boots, Superdrug and others usually sell it for under £6. The bottle lasts ages and your bank account stays happy. Win win.

Other Points worth Noting 8/10

Whilst the mousse doesn’t hold any SPF properties, the gradual tan cream has SPF30. So you can take your pick on that.

You can buy the tan in Medium or Dark. So if you just want a really gentle glow I’d hit up the Medium. Or if like me, you wanna look like you’ve been on hol for 2 weeks DARK.


Final Score: 51/60 


Lovedrobe Loves Campaign

If you haven’t heard of Lovedrobe Loves, where have you been? It’s a fantastic campaign that the team at Lovedrobe are doing by actively using a variety of people to style their clothes in their own way. Whether you’re a blogger, an office clerk, a solicitor or a barista, they make no qualms. Everyone is invited! If you ask to participate in Lovedrobe Loves then you’re met with the two gorgeous girls Kate and Liv to have a photoshoot and video session. I met with them a few months ago for my own blog and this was my experience.

I arrived into Manchester, bright and early and met fellow blogger Charl before getting an Uber over to our meet up spot where two bubbly faces were walking in to greet us. Immediately Charl and I were put at ease as Liv and Kate explained the plan to photograph us individually, create small snippet videos of us and to have a jolly ole time. We head out into Manchester to hit up the street scenes and get some awesome shots. The outcome was marvellous, if I say so myself.

LovedrobeLoves, She Might BeLovedrobeloves, She Might Be

The video was rather daunting. I’m not a huge fan of putting my voice out there like this, but Kate made me chuckle the whole way through. Please brace yourself for my marvellous Hull accent, the ‘no’s, and ‘oh’s were out in full force.

All in all, the whole experience was empowering. I’d recommend anyone who’s a fan of Lovedrobe to give it a whirl. It’s time brands used their clients to showcase their clothes in their own style. Not just bloggers, but anybody. I tip my hat to Lovedrobe for this campaign and cannot wait to see what they produce in the future.

If you’re interested in taking part (why wouldn’t you be?) just drop an email to 


Affordable Contact Lenses from Vision Direct

I’ve worn contacts for 7 years. I’ve prodded, poked and scratched my poor eyes in many attempts to sort out an easy eye care regime. I’ve had contact lenses split in my eye and little pieces of hair get stuck underneath them. With my fair share of qualms, I’m all in if anyone is offering a way to be kinder to my eyes. Vision Direct are the largest online retailer for contact lenses in the UK. They have all the same high street brands as your regular opticians, but usually at a better cost than your average direct debit deal (I’ve fallen down this well before). Rather than solely daily wear lenses, they cater eye care for the many with a simple ordering system.

My eyes aren’t straight forward (so to speak). With having an astigmatism on my left eye, it’s always a bit of an odd one to buy lenses. Fortunately, it’s easy to select left or right on the Vision Direct website and input your prescription. Shopping by brand, type, or best sellers is an easy way to navigate your way through the many types of lenses. If you’re really struggling I did notice an online chat pop up bottom right should you need assistance. I didn’t need it on this occasion but it’s helpful for those that do. I settled on Biofinity Lenses after reading the reviews of them.

Vision Direct, She Might Be

The landing page had images of the lenses, a video, reviews and a description. Being the top reader I am, I headed straight for the video. The little snippet on the website showed me what to expect with the packaging and it was spot on. My lenses arrived just as pictured and in a pack of 3. It is possible to order a few packs at a time, but it’s great to order as and when needed. The video had also informed me that I could wear for 30 days consecutively if washed in solution overnight. I’ve read that it may even be possible to sleep in these! Not only did this seem practical, but I figured with daily wears being binned every day this could be a way to better the environment. Hey, less packaging must help… am I right?

My Toric lenses were clearly labelled, but it’s hard to mix up for me as it’s a much thicker heavier lens than the other. Upon first touch it felt smooth, but strong enough to sustain a long wear. They’re fairly easy to pop into the eye if you’re used to it. Don’t forget to wash your hands before handling the lenses. If you struggle with lenses, then I personally recommend focussing on a spot in the mirror and holding your eye open with you other hand. Once you have that focus spot it appears to be much easier to faff about a bit till it feels comfortable. Once settled I couldn’t feel the lenses in my eyes and forgot they were there.I found after a couple days’ wear that my eyes were still nicely moist and I wasn’t having that horrible dry eye I’ve had with other lenses. I did try sleeping in these overnight and had absolutely no issues. Was nice to wake up without thinking ‘where are my darn glasses?!’

Vision Direct, She Might Be

Let’s talk cost, my lenses are priced at £11.49 normal and £15.99 Toric. That includes 3 lenses, so three months wear. That’s less than a tenner a month for vision. In the past I’ve paid £12.50 a month for one pack of lenses from a direct debit at a local optician. Vision Direct have a price I can deal with. No longer will I worry about splitting a lens and fumbling for my glasses for a week, I’ll be getting my next contact lenses at Vision Direct next day delivery!

This post is a collaboration.

Testing the Tans: TanCream Review

As Summer is on the horizon, this girl wants a tan. As I wear relatively high factors, and have skin that seems to reflect the sun, I opt to get mine in a bottle. I thought I’d hit the tan market and test out all the tan creams/spray tans on offer to the consumer market this Summer. I’ll test their appeal through scent, orange-ness, application, duration of wear and other factors. In short, I hope to save you a lot of time by lathering myself in different tan substances and reporting back. First up is TanCream.

Orange Factor 10/10

A big no-no for me is looking orange. This girl wants a lovely sun-kissed glow thank you very much. Tan Cream is pretty special in that on application you look bronzed. I’ve used other tans that have a green tint to stop the orange-ness, and come off after wash but this doesn’t require washing.

I’d say TanCream rates 10/10 in not looking orange at all.

Scent 10/10

Have you ever applied tan and felt like you’re a walking digestive? That or you have that rancid stale water vibe about you? Well luckily, this formula is scent free. I’ve literally been sniffing my arms all day. Nothing!

Application 9/10

I chose to apply this with a mitt. Purely because I am terrible at applying evenly. I find a mitt just helps me smooth out the cream. I wouldn’t say it required for this, but I did have a few little patchy parts across my body. Mainly my knee and wrist (pictured). Maybe I didn’t apply liberally enough. All in all the rest of my skin is spot on, I’ll easily pick these other bits up on my next application.

TanCream, She Might Be

TanCream, She Might Be

Duration of Wear 8/10

I’ve found this durable and lasting. I have done a little touch up here and there but all in all good.

Cost 6/10

At £39.95 it is definitely one of the more pricier fake tans. I suspect this is because of it’s brilliant benefits. I have found I’ve hardly used any, so it would probably last a while but I don’t really like forking out more than £15 for tan.

Other Points worth Noting 10/10

TanCream is SPF 50 and Ultra UVA 5 star High Sun Protection? Who doesn’t love to protect their skin and achieve the perfect glow? Let’s consider our own health and opt for an sun friendly formula.

I loved the anti-aging, anti-blemish, CC cream formula. I felt it looked a little like I was wearing foundation all over my skin, although it didn’t feel like that or look painted on. It literally melted onto the skin, smoothing out my little scars and blemishes.

Final Score: 53/60 (I’m going to apply another layer right now)


Two Baby Keepsakes from Baby Art

I really love little keepsakes to document memories. When Baby Art offered to send me two products to try out, I was all hands on deck ready to create some lasting memories of my baby. With gifts suitable from age 0+ up there are so many options. I picked out the Rounded Double Frame in Copper (Dark Grey) and the Magic Box as a first attempt at some baby art.

Now I’ll add here that I’ve never done any baby art before. I’ve photographed Jasper non-stop, but made any art with him? No. I’m not entirely sure why, maybe I thought it would be difficult trying to get a little wriggler to co-operate. Yet, I was pleasantly surprised.

Baby Art, She Might Be

The first magic box kit looked a little dubious. All too simple. I loved the storage tin and thought this would make an excellent gift for a mum-to-be, or another relative – I’ll be passing it on to my Mother in Law. The simplicity didn’t let me down. Following the step-by-step instructions, it was super easy to squeeze, roll out and print Jasper’s foot and leave to set.

Baby Art, She Might Be

With the assistance of my husband we had created a gorgeous little print.

Baby Art, She Might BeBaby Art, She Might Be

Now we were ready to try something a little more tricky. Using the same method, the Copper Frame set provided a little more moulding clay so that you can create a foot and a hand print. Best of all with both of these products, no warming/baking is needed to create. You just stamp and go!

I gave the second set a little trim in order to fit properly into the frame. It meant I had heaps of clay left over to use for another piece of art. Who doesn’t love to have more than their money’s worth?

Baby Art, She Might BeBaby Art, She Might Be

Have you ever created any baby art before? Leave me any ideas/tips and tricks below so that I can make them with Jasper!


5 Movies for a Rainy Day

We all thought we had spring on it’s way and whilst I’m sure we do, we’re currently getting hit with a couple of those great British Summer days of rain and wind. What better thing to do then grab the duvet, get some chocolate, mooch on the sofa, and hit up some screen time. I’ve been loving rainy days for watching movies and here’s my current top 5 that I think you will all love!

rainy day movies

Harry Potter 

Oh I will get more specific. Rain makes me feel of slithery so let’s go with the Chamber of Secrets. Nothing beats watching your favourite red head, quirky intelligent girl and of course hazza p himself battle a humongous snake. Also, props to Dumbledore for just being a legend.

The Devil Wears Prada

No, you said it. Who doesn’t want a little Miranda Priestly in their life on a rainy day? I can feel the chill now, and it’s radiating off my screen. Burn.

Big Fish

I love Ewan McGregor. I really do. So what’s a movie day without his delicious face on my screen? Moulin Rouge would make me too sad so I’m going with the awe inspiring story of Big Fish.


This wouldn’t be a really movie day list without a little Disney now would it? Moana is the super inspiring, kick ass female we all love. Plus it’s nice to sing along to the songs and feel you’re somewhere much warmer.

The Greatest Showman 

I haven’t spoke to anyone yet who didn’t like The Greatest Showman. Why not get yourself feeling all optimistic and happy whilst Hugh Jackman and Zac Efron dance on screen (HEEEEEY!)

Are there any films you recommend for a rainy movie day? I’d love to know. Then I can add them to my ever growing collection!


Top Instagrammable Hotels: Asia Edition

If you read my previous post on Top Instagrammable Hotels: Europe Edition, then you may be interested to see more across the globe. I thought it would be super interesting to turn this into a series to explore some of the more luxurious, quirky, exotic, and darn right cool hotels other locations have to offer. Today I’m showcasing The Top Instagrammable Hotels in Asia.

Asia is huge, it actually takes up one third of the world’s entire land area. So it’s no surprise that it will feature some of the most interesting hotels.

Taipei – Finders Hotel

Finders Hotel seems to have all of the botanical vibes any instagrammer would be looking for. Literally it’s floral wall has me getting all my outfits in mind ready to snap.


Goa – W Goa

I mentioned in my previous post that I’m already a fan of the W hotel chain. Serving up luxury in India, W has some stunning views to match it’s pastel decor theme.


Beijing-  Nuo Hotel

Marble Decor, Check. Roof Top terrace, Check. Cuisine worthy of any foodie blogger, Check. This hotel is ticking all the boxes for me.

Ocean-fresh seafood every day on the NJoy buffet.

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Design that surprises.

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Koh Samui –  Conrad

This was a toughy for me. Thailand is filled with so many beautiful hotels that it was hard to pick. Eventually, I gave in to the infinity pool and over-water hammock that would inspire any photographer.


Hong Kong – The Peninsula

This hotel is effortlessy classic and gives me all the sunglasses and suitcase vibes I need. With it’s gorgeous exterior, you can shoot both in and out to get those snaps. Psssst. Check out the view of the harbour. 

Maldives – Sheraton

I couldn’t very well do a list of the Top Instagrammable Hotels in Asia without including one from the Maldives could I? It’s my dream to stay in one of those over water villas!

My house goal, directly on the water 🐬 📸: @meryldenis #VisitMaldives

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Enjoy the never-ending Indian Ocean views

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Dubai – Shangri-La Hotel

The Atlantis, the Burj, Four Seasons? So many to choose from. The Shangri-La has a beautiful indoor pool to catch all of those scenic views.



Ho Chi Minh City – The Reverie

Fabulous has reached a new level. With luxurious room decor you can get those OOTD snaps in front of every corner.

Sri Lanka – Cocoon Resort

We can include private villas in this too right? The Cocoon Resort offers both hotel stay and villa getaways. Check out the private pool.

🌸🌸🌸 photo credit – @olivecooke

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Bali – Bambu Indah

Bambuh Indah prides itself on being a ‘distinctive boutique hotel’ and we agree. The interior is quintessentially stunning and gives us all the Eat.Pray.Love vibes.

Afrika House #Bathtub

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The warung is open! #Riverside

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Are there any top hotels in Asia you’d have liked to see included on this list?



Top Instagrammable Hotels: UK Edition

Following on from the Top Instagrammable Hotels series, without further ado I present the UK Edition! For those who want to visit more unusual/luxury resorts in their own country… look no further.

Thirsk – Crab & Lobster 

A popular restaurant, Crab & Lobster has much more to offer. Each room is individually designed representative of a place/famous hotel! Most rooms have their own private hot tubs or extremely instagrammable bath tubs.

Shooting at the amazing @crabmanor again today. ❤️📸 #weddingphotographer #nikon #wedding

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London – The Ned

Located in our Capital, these 1920’s style rooms are wonderful for an escape.


Liverpool –  The Shankly Hotel

I love a visit to Liverpool. I’d love it more if I could stay in the fabulous new suite at The Shankly Hotel. Imagine the snaps of a girls sleepover here! Also, massive appreciation for a mirror that tells you that you look good.

Manchester –  Hotel Gotham

Home of Oasis, Coronation Street and the Industrial Revolution, Manchester has much to offer. Hotel Gotham is the perfect place to stay to explore this city.

We enjoyed hosting @mariathepilot at Gotham in January. Bon voyage Maria!

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Brighton – Artist Residence

Want a getaway near the ocean? Brighton has some of the most beautiful hotels in the country. Yet, the Artist Residence is just that little bit more special. Go visit for a lil’ summat summat.

Yes thanks, Monday's going swimmingly 🙌🏼🏊🏽

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We’ll just be hiding here ‘til Spring…❄️🌨☕️

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York – Sheraton

Perfect for a spa getaway and city break, York has much to offer. The Grand Hotel is the perfect place to stay thanks to it’s modern, yet archaic interiors.

Our stunning White Rose Lounge is now officially open! Created as part of our £15m redevelopment, and designed as a haven of productivity and relaxation, the stylish lounge provides comfortable seating, dedicated work stations and hospitality of a very special nature from 6am-10.30pm. • • Guests residing in one of our suites receive complimentary access to the White Rose Lounge and for a limited time, guests booking Classic and Executive Room can upgrade for an introductory price of £30pp and enjoy the luxury of the lounge, complete with complimentary breakfast, Afternoon Tea and evening canapés. • • Visit our website for more information! #WeAreTheGrand #York #VisitYork #TheGrand #TheGrandHotel #LuxuryHotel #LuxuryTravel

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Hull – Hideout Hotel

Is it cheating to include one from our own town? The recent Hideout hotel has all of the scandi vibes I’d like for my home. Best of all? It’s view- opposite the newly renovated Hull Minister.

Harrogate – Rudding Park

I know where you’d find me if I stayed at Rudding Park. Hitting up that Jacuzzi under the stays (even in rain).

Edinburgh – Walforf Astoria

I am literally loving their interior aesthetic. Warm tones are perfect for your instagram theme.

🌸🌸🌸 photo credit – @olivecooke

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Glasgow – Blythswood Square Hotel

Monochrome and marble are a huge yes from me. Imagine the shots you could take next to their chandelier!


Our gorgeous chandelier will guide you to your room

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Are there any top Instagrammable Hotels in the UK you’d have added to this list?