Winter Blues: A January Survival Guide

Steff Benton

Blogger and plus size model with a passion for music and vintage style. Loves anything cosmic, charming, or cats.

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I’ve been a little absent and this has been due to a severe drop in mood and motivation levels; otherwise known as “The Winter Blues”.

The nights are still long and the days are still short and cold and you are not alone, as it’s estimated that 4-6% of the population suffer from winter depression and a further 10-20% suffer from a mild Seasonal Affective Disorder.

We’ve hit January and therefore we’ve also hit “New Year, New You” and the need to make resolutions. Statistically for those in a low mood, the odds are stacked against us. Here are some ways that I like to use to cope. Everyone is different, but I hope you may find something of use here.

winter blues

– Self-care
Do what is good for the soul. A long soak in bubbles with candlelight. Favourite food. An extended lie-in or a full blown duvet day. Self care comes in a variety of different ways.


– Outside
It doesn’t have to be a country walk or a marathon, but I find even just stepping outside for a second (providing it’s not raining) to take in a lungful of fresh air is useful, especially when depression prevents me leaving the house for long periods of time. Depending on your mobility, this may not work, but the idea is reaping benefit from the sun. There are also mood lights designed to do similar.


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– Fun
What do you enjoy doing? I love writing, and I love singing for example, but I can find both hard sometimes. If I can, I try to push myself to do it anyway, but I don’t beat myself up if it’s not working as normal. Sometimes the act of writing something or singing a favourite song can lift my spirits a little.


– Support
Talk to trusted friends. It’s tempting to not talk to people when you feel low but it can, in fact, increase thoughts of isolation and make it worse.


– Mood boosters
Chocolate is a well known mood booster, as is fish, coconut, almonds, and TEA.


– Ask for help
If self help isn’t helping then try speaking to a professional, seeking therapy, perhaps talk about medication. Nobody has to cope alone.
There is no shame in feeling like this, or in struggling, whether it’s the Winter Blues or any time of the year, you’ve got this.



Steff Benton

Blogger and plus size model with a passion for music and vintage style. Loves anything cosmic, charming, or cats.

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