Valentine’s Day When You’re Dating

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I’m a bit of a sucker for Valentine’s Day. Even when I was single I quite liked it – any occasion that is decorated with pink hearts and adorable frills is okay with me. It can be difficult to handle Valentine’s Day when you’re not in a stable relationship though. If you’ve been dating somebody for a couple of weeks, should you buy them a present? Are they going to think you’re overly keen if you call them your Valentine?! Dating has a ridiculous amount of rules yet doesn’t come with a rule book, so I’m here to look at some perfect ‘date night’ options in a variety of UK locations, so you can make your Valentine’s Day special without giving your potential beau-to-be the impression that you’re itching to elope.

As a Scottish person myself (who was living in Glasgow when I met my husband!), I feel like I should know all about Strathclyde dating. Yet honestly, we didn’t really tend to go on official dates much when we were there. We did have a favourite restaurant – La Tasca – that is the perfect date location because the atmosphere is buzzing and you can grab a couple of dishes that you’re planning to share. I don’t know why, but there’s something a little bit cosier about deciding to share your food.

Edinburgh is, of course, known all over the world for being really rich in culture. The Edinburgh dating scene has the benefit of having some really great places to visit, a selection of fantastic theatres and some great restaurants. My favourite thing about Edinburgh, though, has always been the ghost walks. I get it: a walk in dark vaults hearing about how historically people were tortured on-site doesn’t exactly scream romance. But then again, what can be more romantic than cuddling together in a darkened room?

If you’re looking for somewhere with romance and history, then the Oxfordshire dating scene is for you. Oxford is, of course, one of the educational capitals of the world, so I feel like this would be the perfect opportunity to exercise your brain a little bit and bond with your date over a healthy dose of culture. The Ashmolean has some great exhibitions on over February this year, and with the addition of a rooftop restaurant you can really enjoy something special together.

The best thing about Staffordshire dating is that there are so many amazing places to take the person you’re seeing. Sure, you could go the romantic route, but I like to think of something a little bit different. I love the idea of bonding with a date at a concert: enjoying music together is a wonderful thing, and there’s nothing better than getting silly together and dancing around to some of your favourite tunes. Bowling for Soup are playing at the Birmingham o2 on the 13th, so not only is this an awesome Valentine’s date but you get to miss the Valentine’s crowd all together.

And finally, the place closest to my hometown. I’ve never actually had a date night in Northampton, but there are a whole bunch of really great options for Northamptonshire dating. What about a pamper session at one of Northamptonshire’s many spas. Whittlebury Hall in Towcester is my favourite, and they offer a deal that gives you a treatment and dinner for two – is there a better way to get to know eachother than at your most relaxed?!



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