Plus Equals SS17 Collection

Kitty Morris

Kitty Morris

Plus size blogger, fashion photographer, cat lady and wife.
Kitty Morris

When Plus Equals announced their new collection, all of us at She Might Be were so thrilled. They make clothing for the plus size market that is genuinely different and fills us with joy, so we had awaited the new collection with great excitement! And wow, they did not disappoint.

Plus Equals Plus Equals Plus Equals Plus Equals

Every item is something I’ve never seen before; bright colours, unusual silhouettes, dramatic fabric and wild styles, I am obsessed! Have you ever seen PVC chaps before, never mind in plus size? Well you have now!


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Their beloved Leni Kimono is now available in a fantastic rainbow sequin fabric that is majorly lust worthy, and there are even faux fur halter-neck tops! The silhouettes are genuinely inspired and I’m so pleased to see a brand doing something so different for the plus size market. Every model featured in the campaign is a delight too, seeing real plus size bodies wearing these designs, with rolls and bellies proudly on show, this is what we plus size babes dream of.

Plus Equals Plus Equals Plus Equals Plus Equals Plus Equals Plus Equals Plus Equals

Plus Equals take the plus size clothing rule book and light it on fire, then throw it out the window and into the sea. Everything is attention grabbing and utterly wonderful. Brightly coloured co-ords, fluorescent pink fringing, peacock print sequins and thigh splits aaaaall the way up, this is a collection for the daring dreamer and seeing it available in up to a size 42 is amazing.

That’s right, A SIZE 42! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a brand do above a size 34, and yet here is an indy brand doing a size 42 as standard and offering other sizes as a custom order at no extra cost. That’s how you do it brands! This is true size inclusivity for plus size bodies.

I can’t wait to see how people style this collection, and I really can’t wait to see what Plus Equals do next.


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