How To Choose The Perfect Statement Bag

Of all the things in your wardrobe, bags can be the easiest things to pick up without thinking too much about it, but they have the most potential to really make an impact. The right statement bag can elevate your look to a whole other level, and they are something that – if chosen carefully – can see you through years of style! Whether you are in the market for a gorgeous new leather tote bags, or something a little more corporate, like a leather business bag, here are some helpful points to think about when you come to choose your next statement piece.

Statement Bag

Look At What You Already Own

Before you shop for a new statement bag, go through your wardrobe and take note of the bags you already own. Is there something that jumps out at you as missing from your closet? Do you have every colour bag under the sun except tan? This small amount of time spent with your current collection will help ensure that you do not end up with too many duplicate pieces and that you’ll get a good amount of wear out of a new addition.

Go For The Best You Can Afford

Know your budget and shop around to find the best quality for the price bracket you are looking at. Very often, you’ll find statement bags are priced competitively for the standard of craftsmanship and the amount of time they will last. However, if you can’t find exactly what you are looking for as a brand new item, or within your price range, keep your ear to the ground for upcoming sales and check out pre-owned or vintage options.

Pick Hardwearing Materials

If you have spent time saving up for an investment piece, you’ll want to make sure that it is well crafted and made from hardwearing materials that will ensure you get a long life out of your bag. Leather bags are the very best for this, as good quality leather is widely regarded as being the most long lasting material. However, if you would prefer a synthetic option, these are becoming more advanced in recent years, but do your research before buying a non-leather bag.

Keep It Simple

If you have followed the guidelines above, you are already on your way to buying a beautiful bag that you will use for many years to come. One last piece of advice would be to avoid anything too ‘trendy’ and go for a classic, structured, simple style. There is a reason that pre-owned and vintage bags retain so much value and are so highly sought after, a sleek and chic statement bag never goes out of style!

We hope our tips for choosing the perfect statement bag will help you to find a beautiful investment piece that you’ll love to wear, will keep you looking stylish, and will bring you joy. Is there anything you think we’ve missed out above? Please do share with us in the comments how you go about choosing the ideal investment or statement bag for you!

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