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georgina grogan

I am the creator of She Might Be, an extension from my blog She Might Be Loved and my other job, She Might Be Social. I have gained so much confidence in myself, industry knowledge, an actual career and a bunch of incredible friends throughout my 3+ years of blogging. I’m fluent in sarcasm and I find myself hilarious. I’ve heard others think I’m pretty funny too. I am basically makeup, pretty clothes, glitter, and red hair dye rolled into one.
I will be writing about everything from makeup and Halloween looks, to chronic pain and fashion. I’m a big preacher of using your influence to bring awareness to important issues, sharing your knowledge within a new industry and genuinely just doing the right thing and being a nice human. I may seem young at just 22, but who ever has met me knows I’m a lot older in my head, it’s a blessing and a curse.


Sophie | Editor at SMB | Wildling Wishes | Twitter | Instagram | Read posts by Sophie

Busy little fee

A fat gal in her late 20s who likes to rant about body positive stuff and wear floral dresses. I blog about home education and lifestyle at Wildling Wishes, and I am a card designer and virtual assistant as well as my day job and my degree. On top of this I’m a huge lover of fat fashion and a strong advocate for full size ranges.
I’ve been fat all of my adult life, but became an ardent supporter of style and happiness at every size back in 2015 when I ended my tumultuous relationship with the diet industry once and for all. In my free time (what is ‘free time’?) I hang out with my family, study for my Masters degree and stick pretty stickers into my planner. I’m a lover of reality TV, random acts of kindness and butterscotch Angel Delight. If you ever need me, follow the trail of glitter.


Daisy | Editor at SMB | Daisy Says | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | Read posts by Daisy


I’ve been plus sized all my adult life, I am passionate about body confidence and fierce about fat acceptance. I will be writing (ranting!) here if and when brands let us down, and shouting from the rooftops when they get things right. I’m not a fashion blogger as such, I have my own style and I definitely don’t follow the rules, in fashion or in life. I love makeup, though my skills are not great – hoping to pick up some hints and tips from the beauty babes on She Might Be!
I’m like the mum of the site (definitely old enough to BE the mum!) so do drop me a message with all of your worries and issues and I will do my best to help you. I’m currently training as a life coach and will specialise as a body confidence/self-acceptance counsellor. I’m straight talking, empathetic and very real – what you see is what you get.

Kitty | Editor at SMB | Kitty Rambles A Lot | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | Read posts by Kitty

kitty rambles

I’m a plus size blogger, fashion photographer, cat lady, wife and general goober. I stand at 5ft 11 and have UK size 10 feet, which leads to a whole host of new challenges as a plus size gal. I’m also vegetarian and I don’t wear any animal products, and I only use cruelty free makeup. I have 3 rescue cats and a rescue dog, plus a beardy long-haired husband. I also suffer from chronic headaches and hemiplegic migraines, plus a few other conditions, it’s the spoonie life for me! I adore cats, brightly coloured makeup, purple, leopard print, cats, sunglasses and PokemonGO!


Carrie-Ann | Contributor at SMB | Something Definitely Happened | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | Read posts by Carrie-Ann


A 30-something blogger from Cambridgeshire, I love history, stories and vintage fashion. Hey, I wonder if they’re related?
I’m passionate about body confidence, loving the skin you’re in, and wearing whatever the hell you want, and that’s just one of the reasons why I’m so proud to be part of She Might Be. I spent a long time on a perpetual diet, trying to be the same as everyone else, comparing the way I looked with how my friends looked, and finding myself wanting. Then, I met my husband (or, as he’s known on my blog, The Boy), who encouraged me to embrace the things I love, never mind what anyone else thought. I did, and I’ve never looked back – I now dress in a 40s or 50s inspired outfit everyday and my motto is “Does this look a bit much? No? Then I’d better go and change”.
He also introduced me to another of my loves – Doctor Who – and we now live in a lovely old house with various TARDISes (TARDISi?) dotted around the house and our cat, Oswin. Yes, she’s named after a dalek.


Violet | Editor at SMB | Violet Glenton | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | Read posts by Violet

A fashion blogger, Art History Grad, Mother to a little boy, Cake Lover and Mini Schnauzer adorer. I live in Hull, UK’S City of Culture 2017.
I’ve been blogging for 3 years under my own blog and joined She Might Be to explore more opportunities. You can expect to find me posting on History, Travel, Fashion, Baby Products and much more. I like to add a touch of humour to my posts so expect a few chuckles here and there.
I’m a huge fan of travelling, I’ve been to Russia, Italy, all over America, Thailand, Egypt and much more. My favourite is Italy, so you’ll find me eating gelato or pasta on a day to day basis.

Debz | Contributor at SMB |The Not So Secret Diary of a Wannabe Princess | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | Read posts by Debz


Office Working, Rose drinking, super fat girl currently living in Birmingham. I started blogging because I wanted to show people above a size 26 that they have clothing options and can wear what they want. I’m passionate about all bodies being good ones and will defend the right for anyone to live in the body they want. I believe that as you are the only person who has to live in your body, you are the only one that gets a say in how it looks.

I love plus size fashion, fat activism, people who unapologetically take up space and blue slush puppies – quite a mix right?. I attend all manner of plus size events, so if you see me at one please say hi! I’m a fan of bright clothing, statement necklaces and generally wearing what society says we shouldn’t. Always happy to chat and give advice about living in a fat body, so come say hey!


Michelle | Contributor at SMB | Michelle Hopewell | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | Read posts by Michelle

Michelle Chantelle Hopewell

I’m a black British, plus size actress, singer and writer in her late 20s, living and working in London. If I’m not recovering from a laughter induced asthmatic episode, you can find me auditioning and/or shopping for audition clothes because they are a tax deductible and no one can tell me any differently. I am both a reincarnated disco diva (in my mind) and a messy, loud dork (in real life). In no particular order, I am super passionate about theatre, tv and film and music, body confidence, food, racial equality and social justice. 

I’ve been blogging and writing for a while, but its in recent years that I have found my voice. I blog about everything from body confidence, to race, to jobs, to clothes, to food, to adventure and what is inspiring me in whatever season I’m in. I believe in the power of community and shared experiences and what better way to share that than to write it all down?!


Katy | Contributor at SMB | Instagram | Read posts by Katy

she might be katy

I am 32 and I hail from across a lot of ocean in Oz (as in Australia… not where Dorothy hangs out, unfortunately). I can’t walk in high heels as I am the Queen of Clumsiness, but I love wedges or  having bare feet. I have one fiancé, two pairs of pants, three favourite cups, four budgerigars (four of which found  their way to me – I may be the Pied Piper of Parakeets), twelve purple eyeshadows, sixteen tattoos, several scars, a myriad of dresses and skirts, and a whole lotta flabby wobbly jiggly bits that look a lot better in a bikini than I ever thought possible.
I have only very recently realised/discovered/been hit over the head with the fact that my body is not a thing to hate or change or to be ashamed of and that it is, in fact, just a shell that holds my
rockin’, somewhat eccentric, unstoppable-singing-machine, matte lipstick loving soul. I am very much a glass half empty person, but I’m getting better at seeing that what’s in the glass is at least delicious… So there’s that.

Rachel | Contributor at SMB | Heart Rachel | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | Read posts by Rachel

Rachel Heart, shemightbe

I’m a Dallas-based fat babe who would rather hang out with my cat. I grew up fat in the midwest, taught myself to sew so I could be fashionable, and got up early to watch fashion shows on E! I moved to the big city almost 10 years ago, and I work a job as a personal stylist. I’ve been a body positive don’t-like-don’t-look loud feminist since 1987. I live in Barbie’s Dream Apartment, complete with hot pink sofa and altar to hot dads, featuring framed photos of Colin Firth and Tom Hardy. I write about everything, but mostly feelings – I just have a lot of feelings. (But I do go here.)

Shona | Contributor at SMB | Shona Louise | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | Read posts by Shona


I’m a 20 year old disabled blogger that talks about everything from beauty to disability. I also raise awareness of my genetic condition, Marfan Syndrome, and I’m a disability activist, educating people on everything from ableism to accessibility and fighting for mine and other’s rights in the process. I’m also all about encouraging body positivity within the disabled community, learning to embrace disability and loving my mobility aids.

Alexandra | Contributor at SMB | The Rounded Teacher | Instagram | Read posts by Alexandra

alexandra, shemightbe

I’m a twenty something year old teacher and journalist with a love of bright dresses. I’ve got my fingers in a lot of pies having attended the Royal College of Music as an opera singer, got a degree in history of art, another degree in journalism, and another-other degree in teaching! Along with my love of learning, I have an unrelenting passion for finding the brightest dresses available on the plus size dress market. This brought me to writing a teacher fashion blog, and latterly, to SMB! My writing tends to focus on styles I can wear in the classroom, although I’m currently in the throws of wedding planning so there might be a few wedding related pieces!

Leanda | Contributor at SMB | Instagram | Jewellery InstagramRead posts by Alexandra

fat phobia

I live and work in beautiful Kent. I own one husband (bearded) two kids (awesome) and a cat (posh af) I am a veggie, a jewellery artist and a radical activist for feminism self love and acceptance for all. I love, in no particular order, sci-fi, cheese, the sea, swearing, clothes, jewellery (making it, wearing it, talking about it), beer, laughing so hard wee comes out, swearing, telly, hanging with my best people, reading, ranting, jive music from the 20s-60s, and stripes. I hate the patriarchy, oppression, Branson pickle, smoothies (neither milkshake nor juice, fuck off).