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Kitty Morris

Plus size blogger, fashion photographer, cat lady and wife.
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October is one of my favourite months, I love the change in the weather, the autumn leaves, and I definitely love Halloween! As ever, our plus size community have been doing amazing things this month, here are some of our highlights.

Lauren Nicole FK for Verve

Plus size model and blogger Lauren Nicole FK wrote a wonderful and touching piece for Verve, ‘A Daddyless Daughter‘, on growing up without a father figure and the emotions that leaves behind.

Stephanie Yeboah for GQ Magazine

October is Black History Month, and Stephanie Yeboah shared her favourite books by black writers with GQ Magazine. There’s a mix of nonfiction and fiction, and I’m ashamed to say of all the books on the list I’ve only read the classic The Colour Purple. Adding all these to my reading list asap!

Felicity Hayward for Metro.co.uk

Felicity Hayward talks about Kim Kardashian’s reaction to the unretouched bikini photos of her released in October. Felicity is a great role model who shares raw and unedited photos on her social media constantly, and she discusses what an impact Kim could have had if she had embraced her cellulite, instead of treating it as the flaw society tells us it is.

Michelle Chantelle Hopewell cast in Matilda


Our very own Michelle Chantelle Hopewell has been cast as Mrs Phelps in the UK and Ireland tour of Matilda! It starts in March 2018, so here’s to hoping it comes to a theatre nearby!


Navabi Gives Sneak Peek of New Collection


Navabi’s collections are always brilliant, and 2017 has really been their year. They released this preview of their new collection of the always gorgeous Chloe Pierre, Em of Terrible Tumbles and Becky Barnes. I am already obsessed with all that blue velvet and can’t wait to see the full collection!


Georgina Grogan for Lipcote

Here at She Might Be we were super thrilled to see our creator Georgina Grogan announced as one of Lipcote’s new ambassadors! Seeing a disabled plus size body feature a in beauty campaign is so unusual, so often it is plus size bodies that are left out of the makeup world, so this is a great step.


Stephanie Yeboah for Elle

Once again it is Stephanie’s month, and she wrote about ‘Why are women of colour left out of body positivity?‘ for Elle. Body positivity as a movement was created by plus size women of colour, but the movement has been diluted and warped and has become a movement for white women with hourglass figures. Stephanie talks to other black UK plus size bloggers about what they think the issues are within the movement. It’s an important piece that those of us in the UK plus size community need to read so that we can address the mistakes we are making as a community.


Chanel Ambrose Calls Out HelloWorldLive


Plus size Youtuber Chanel Ambrose called out new Youtuber event HelloWorldLive for their complete lack of diversity. The posters feature a single person of colour, and only one curvier Youtuber was invited to attend. It is 2017, and events simply must do better! The UK has so many incredible Youtubers of all different races, body types, sexualities and more, where is the diversity?


Plus Equals Release their AW 2017 Collection

Plus Equals released their wonderful Autumn Winter collection in October, and just wow! As you would come to expect from Plus Equals, it is a flurry of faux fur, bright colours and sequins, pieces that demand attention and don’t apologise for taking up space. I want it all!


Bethany Rutter’s #Liptober


Bethany might not have invented the Liptober hashtag, but there is no doubt that she is the reason it was such a massive hit this October! She shared her own daily lipstick selfies and encouraged everyone to join in, resulting in a flood of lush selfies and lipstick inspiration! It also leaves me in no doubt that there is not a single colour Bethany cannot pull off.


And finally, as has become tradition, here are some of our favourites photos from October.



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