Navabi’s #MorePlusPlease

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April heralds the launch of awesome clothing brand Navabi’s #MorePlusPlease campaign across social media. There’s a new website if you’d like a closer look!

Much to my utter delight, my Twitter timeline was filled with glorious images of glossy magazine covers, mocked up to feature fabulous fat women, some of them models, some of them bloggers, all looking amazing.

Navabi's #MorePlusPlease

Here’s the thing…at first I didn’t read the accompanying tweets. My eyes were drawn only to the incredible, beautiful images, so well done that to begin with, I didn’t realise they were fake. Look at those pictures. Really look at them. Study them. Marvel at how normal it is to see a beautiful woman on the cover of a glossy magazine. Now ask yourself why this isn’t the norm.

Navabi tweeted about the magazine covers, “They’re our way of imagining a different future for the mainstream media.”

As you all know, I am very quick to shout about brands getting it wrong. In fact my very next post is going to be a callout on brands that use body shaming memes and in doing so, get it spectacularly wrong.

BUT I am all about fairness and balance so I’m only to happy to tell you that Navabi, this time are absolutely bang on! This campaign is everything!

We do need to see fat bodies in glossy magazines. All bodies should be represented – that’s the true meaning of inclusion and diversity.

Navabi, with just the use of sublime Photoshop skills have proved how easy and natural it is to feature stunning plus sizes women as cover stars and we love them for it.

#MorePlusPlease is all about making plus size more visible, more mainstream, more normal. As Navabi said today, “Over 50% of women are plus size, so why are magazine covers like these the stuff of dreams?”

Get on board #MorePlusPlease – share the images far and wide. Let the media and other brands know that plus women are crying out for more and better representation. We want to see women that look like us EVERYWHERE – because we are everywhere.




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