Marks and Spencer’s A/W Wraps and Boots Roundup


Blogger daydreaming around London - iPhone in one hand, camera in the other, and wearing something vintage.

Autumn is such a popular season. In fact, it is many people’s favourite season, including mine. I think it’s so popular, fashion wise, because of the colour palettes, including warm reds, mustards, greys, browns, and forest greens. These palettes allow you to incorporate your summer wardrobe without the need for a complete wardrobe overhaul. I for one love this as I really love my summer wardrobe and try to sneak out as many wears as possible and throwing on a cardigan or colourful pair of tights is a great way to do that. Wraps and boots are also handy and I think brands have really caught on that consumers want fun, classic prints and textures to accessorize an outfit, and one brand in particular caught my eye…

Marks and Spencer have really stepped up their game these last few seasons, and their A/W collection is no exception. I particularly love the wraps they have for when the temperature dips, and decided it would be fun to team some of my favourite wraps with wide fit boots for those crunch-filled walks in the park. Any of these combinations would be great for autumn or a mild winter’s day…

Marks and Spencer

1. Knitted Block Wrap paired with Suede Fur Hiker Ankle Boots.
2. Open Front Triangle Wrap paired with Classic Knee Boots.
3. Modern Check Wrap paired with Leather Ankle Boots.


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Marks and Spencer

1.Open Front Belted Wrap paired with Lace Up Work Ankle Boots.
2. Sized Check Wrap paired with Suede Wide Fit Chelsea Ankle Boots.
3. Reversible Animal Wrap paired with Suede Fringe Ankle Boots.

I would honestly wear any of these combinations and I think it shows how much Marks and Spencer has thought about the fashion conscious shopper. Yes, we want to stay warm, but we want to look good while doing so!

What do you guys think of Marks and Spencer? What are some of your favourite pieces from their current collection?




Blogger daydreaming around London – iPhone in one hand, camera in the other, and wearing something vintage.

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