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Plus size brands, mainly in the UK, act as if being diverse and finding an actual plus size model is a hard thing to do. I’m talking a size 20+ model, none of this ‘barely plus and hate being called plus size’ crap that seems to be everywhere. But there is one brand that is just quietly plodding along with their diverse models as if it’s no effort at all, and this is what I really want to see more of. Gatsbylady have only come into my life in the past few years, but since I’ve found them, I have been continually blown away by just how inclusive they actually are. The Gatsby-inspired handmade dresses come in sizes 6 – 32 and there is NO change in quality between sizes and most importantly, there’s no change in price between them. Which is actually quite surprising with the amount of effort which goes into every single dress and the pure quality of them. I mean my dresses weigh so much with all the beads, it’s unreal to feel.

gatsbylady gatsbylady

Gatsbylady provides details on their website of their plus and non plus models, the plus being a 16+ and the non plus usually being an 8. They show the models wearing the dresses from all angles, and on videos too. I think videos of garments, especially expensive garments are SO important to a plus size shopper as you don’t know how it’s going to fall on you. This way you can imagine where things will fall on you and decide which size and fit you’d prefer.


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Gatsbylady make no big song and dance about what they do on their website, but they really should about their catwalks at various plus size events across the globe. I have seen them featured on tons of Instagram pages for how diverse and fantastic their catwalks are at US events. They show models of all heights and all sizes and it truly is amazing to see. You only have to head over to their Instagram to see snippets of them on the catwalks. This brand is doing everything right, from their actual garments to the way they haven’t insulted their plus customers – because let’s face it, there’s not many plus brands who haven’t any more!

I truly believe that they are giving a great example of what plus size brands should be doing. Everyone else, take notes.

Georgina Grogan

Georgina Grogan

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