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Kitty Morris

Kitty Morris

Plus size blogger, fashion photographer, cat lady and wife.
Kitty Morris

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I have seen so many plus size babes just absolutely killing it this year in the fashion stakes. I’ve seen so many stunning outfits that have inspired me, and so many different fatshion choices that push boundaries and break all those fashion rules we say screw you to. I asked some of my blogger faves to show with us their favourite outfits of 2016 and why.

Naomi says ‘My fave out of all of my outfits of 2016 by far. Mainly because it’s from a brand I’d never usually look twice at. It’s a Lindy Bop dress and usually I hate 50’s vintagey pin up type style but when I got this dress I just fell in love with it and it’s encouraged me to try more things that I usually wouldn’t bother with. It’s just perfection and it just goes to show that you don’t need to spend a fortune to look and feel amazing I think it was less than £30. It just makes me feel amazing’. She looks so fantastic in these monochrome stripes, we just wish Lindy Bop would expand their size range already!

A red dress makes such a good change to a LBD, and Isha looks lush, ‘I love this dress because it’s simple but can be easily dressed up to really pack a punch. I’m also in love with red so that also helps.’

‘I think it is a great dress by A Rose Like This so supports small businesses and I look good’. We at She Might Be are so with Victoria on this one, gotta love featuring those plus size indy brands in our outfits!


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Alysse struggled to pick her faveourite, so even asked for input on twitter, ultimately she ‘picked this outfit as my favorite of 2016 not only because it’s so reflective of my personal style (bold, bright and in-your-face) but it’s something I actually wouldn’t have picked for myself because of the color and high neckline. My ability to rock anything and everything and make it my own is one of my favorite things about myself!’

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I'm loving my winter wardrobe this year!

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This Christmas and leopard print look from Sophie is so cute, here’s what she had to say about it ‘I love that it’s so undeniably ‘me’. The luxury of the faux fur, the corny Christmas dress and the smart boots (which were so comfy and they FIT MY CALVES which is a Christmas miracle) and I liked the big hair that day too 😀 I felt sassy!’

Kathryn says ‘I loved this one, I felt so comfortable in my own skin’, I just love those tights with dungarees.

‘It’s my fave because I was wearing the most comfortable winter transitional outfit, I think I looked fantastic, it made it onto Refinery29 Fashion’s Instagram as well as Asos Curve’s Instagram and it was the first shoot I did with my incredible photographer Kaye Ford. Look out for many more fantastic shots from Kaye and I in 2017’. This look, this photo, Chloe is fire and I love it!

That Katt sent me a picture of her in her undies made me so happy! ‘I love this because I love my thunder thighs being show off, my butt looks AMAZING and how cute are those back rolls? Also, it’s my zombie pants from Nicky Rockets’ and we have to agree that her butt looks awesome.

Becky loved this dress because her husband bought her it unprompted, he clearly has fantastic taste because this dress is killer. That print!

Nikki sent me a really cute and casual outfit that is so comfy – outfits like this are adorable, ‘I love this outfit as I spend most of my time in dresses but I rediscovered my love for jeans this year!’

Donna simply says ‘this made me feel good’, which is always a wonderful thing. She looks fantastic in this polka dot mesh.

Charli looks so lovely in this white outfit, here’s how important this look was to her ‘this is my favourite outfit, possibly because it’s the first time I’d felt chic and confident and bouncy and happy after all the surgeries at the end of 2015. I think it’s reflected in the fact that this is one of the first photos I had with my crutch on show … also, I think I’m proving that fat girls can wear white outfits!’

This flapper look from Bailey is just so good! ‘I love this dress because it feels luxurious on. I first put it on and just felt amazing. Definitely need some more of these frocks.’

‘I was out of my comfort zone. It made me feel brave and empowered during a difficult time in my life.’ That an outfit could have such an impact on Hanna is so powerful.

Kellie’s curves are everything in this dress! But it wasn’t such an easy mission to look so good, ‘This dress was for a red carpet event. It’s not always simple when you are a size 18 plus to find a red carpet dress that you don’t have to sell your car to afford. This was £29.99 and fits like a dream. Boohoo has a terrible reputation for delivery and I had to really push the customer service team as it went missing for a while but when the dress arrived, it was worth the stress. Cheap, fits well and looks good. LIVING THE DRESS DREAM.’

Natalie had trouble choosing her favourite outfit which made me so happy! So I picked my personal fave from the links she sent me instead. That she had so many looks she loved this year is kick ass!

‘I finally got into sports luxe this year, it’s another way I can mix up classic and contemporary styles and it allows me to show off my love for fancy trainers and decadent fabrics!’, love this unique look from Nancy and we definitely want to try and work some sports luxe into some of our outfits in 2017!

Kate actually sent me a photo I took which is so neat! ‘I love this Anna Scholz dress, it always looks amazing and I just felt so special in it at the Curve Fashion Festival. I also bumped into Anna Scholz and she said “you’re wearing my dress”’

Steph has been absolutely on fire this year, so I was so excited to see what she picked! ‘I love this outfit as I had a lot of fun putting the look together. normally I don’t really tend to *think* about how an outfit would go together – i just chuck stuff on and hope for the best, but with a piece such as the palazzo pants, I had a lot of fun trying on different tops, outerwear and clothing textures to see what would look best. I also think it’s a v v strong look!’. We totally agree!

And finally, my favourite outfit of 2016. This was an easy choice, my wedding dress. I got to marry my best friend, and I did it in a dress I never thought I’d have the guts to wear, inspired by the Guns n Roses music video for November Rain. I got my fat knees and my thick thighs out on my wedding day, and I felt more beautiful than I ever had before.

Here’s to an amazing 2017!




Kitty Morris
Kitty Morris

Plus size blogger, fashion photographer, cat lady and wife.

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