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Blogger daydreaming around London - iPhone in one hand, camera in the other, and wearing something vintage.

You always want what you can’t have, right?! Well that’s how I feel about clothing brands in the US. I always swoon over items from companies based in the US, ruing the fact that I would either have to do without or pay the hideous customs charge. For the most part, I’ve done without with the secret hope that one day they should ship overseas. Well, all good things come to those who wait, and when Eloquii announced they would be shipping overseas, the Internet rejoiced.

You see, Eloquii are one of those rare gems: a brand that are inclusive and are seen interacting with customers daily. They answer questions and address concerns with humility, and showcase their clothes with models of varying shapes and ethnicities. Every seasonal collection is bursting with colour which is such a rare thing amongst plus size brands; bucking the tired notion that us plus size folk don’t like or enjoy colourful clothes.

Their collections include crop tops, pencil skirts, horizontal lines and fitted items without apology and to my knowledge they have never done what so many other brands tend to do – post body shaming material. They take what they do seriously and making beautiful clothes that cater to the masses is their primary goal.

And boy do they do it well!

So now that Eloquii ship to the good old UK its taken all of my inner strength to avoid their website, but with payday round the corner, I’ve have taken a peek at their ‘New Arrivals’ tab and have selected five of my favourite pieces.


Double Layer Easy Dress $124.90


Sleeveless Ruffle Shirt Dress $124.90


Off Shoulder Metallic Dot Dress $139.90


Embroidered Maxi Skirt $89.90


Floral Scalloped Shorts $79.90

The list could have gone on and on, and I look forward to really delving into the wonderful depths of the Eloquii website. I follow so many bloggers on social media and it isn’t a coincidence that Eloquii are consistent in blogger praise.

You can shop the ‘New Arrivals’ collection here. Happy shopping!


Blogger daydreaming around London – iPhone in one hand, camera in the other, and wearing something vintage.

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