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Michelle Hopewell

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Black British, faith filled, curvy actress with a love for food, great music, good movies, life changing literature and awkward moments.
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January Sales

We made it! We made it through the season of ridiculous expenses, tinsel, food comas and family arguments. Hello January, we missed, we’re ready for you, and we know you’re going to be long and that next pay check looks an awful long time away, and so please, we need you to be kind to us.

A good way to be kind to us? You guessed it! Sales!

I feel like some of you aren’t that excited about January Sales. It’s one of those funny ones that are overlooked because we’ve already had Black Friday and Boxing Day and what more could we be buying? I actually never shop during those sales; I always hold out, because let me tell you something, January Sales are where you get the best buys! Never feel pressured into spending money you don’t have just because we are being encouraged by brands and marketing companies to spend money. So this is an important disclaimer: if you don’t have the coin, don’t spend it!

Because I’m a frugal kind of gal, I always make sure that I save a little coin aside for January Sales because I personally feel that they end up being the most lucrative. I genuinely feel that this is the time where things are marked down the most. I usually end up getting a lot of the essentials that I need in life from January Sales. Whether it be clothes that are specific to my career, or technology. January usually poses some really great deals because I’m going to be honest with you, I’m not in the position to be buying things for full price. So hang in there with us thrifty people while we embrace this January Sales and I tell you the best way to embrace the sale and the best things to use the sale for!

Book A Getaway

This is your moment! Book that Spring or Summer break, babes. There are always plenty of companies on your high street and online that advertise Winter sales, and for a lot of us this is the only way we can afford to go on holiday in the year. Keep your eyes peeled for the best deals and book in advance. Your other option is to go away in January because off peak season is often the best time to go. It’s not going to be over crowded with other tourists and you’ll be able to get more for your buck!

Tourist Attractions

A lot of tourist attractions across the UK also participate in Winter sales. This is your moment to go and visit some of the places you’ve always wanted to go. Whether that’s a theme park or the Tower of London, go online to your city of choice’s tourist website and see what they have to offer you.


I’ll be right there with you, sis! Online and on the streets, peeping where I can get the things I usually get in the January sales. This includes my rehearsal gear, trainers, and any outfits I would like to blog about that was way too expensive to even consider during the height of the festive season. I hope Asos is ready to take the heat that will be coming off my basket.


This is a big one for me because I cannot afford expensive technology when it’s at its full retail price. Whether you’re looking for a Kindle or a TV, make sure you research which retailer has the best deals for what you need. Heads up, word on the street is that John Lewis will match any street brand retail price for a piece of gadgetry if you can find it cheaper than in their store. Go and get that difference in cash, boo!


In the same way that fashion brands have deals at this time of year, you can get cheaper specs in the sales too. I like to switch up my glasses style in the New Year and so I will be really excited to see what some of the eyewear brands have to offer. If you wear contacts, it’s also an opportunity to stock up on contacts for as many months as you can, because contacts can be expensive.

Car Maintenance

Thankfully this isn’t one of my expenses yet, though I hope it becomes one soon. Your girl is learning to drive! If you are on the road, the January sales are an amazing opportunity to make sure that you keep your vehicle in check. Whether you need something for your car or need to get it serviced, research some of the major stores that offer deals in the Winter. You don’t want to be breaking down in the snow!

Educational Classes

Last year I considered starting an online course, but everything I looked at was super expensive. I know I’m not the only person to discover this. Well fear not! Many schools, colleges and universities also offer Winter Sales for courses. So start looking now, because if you are looking to further your education, but also need to save money in the process, this is your moment.


This is a really exciting for season for those who might be moving soon. A new home usually means that you have to kit out your space so it reflects the rocking spirit you are. This can be an expensive venture, so make sure to check out all the amazing deals being offered by furniture and storage and retailers. The sales might even stop you from having to use finance if you’re trying to avoid gaining any more expenses. Rent and mortgages are pricey enough!


January is the most popular month for engagements. Did you know this exciting fact? I do because I love, love and when people get married. Shut up, I don’t want to talk about my secret Pinterest board! January Sales are awesome for anyone who is planning a wedding. Catch some awesome deals from vendors and venues and even get money off ticket prices for wedding expos. Again do your research because there are loads of great websites like Tie The Knot that will give you all the information you need to make your day as special as you.

Are you as keen on January Sales as I am? Let us know your best bargains from January 2019!



Michelle Hopewell
Michelle Hopewell

Black British, faith filled, curvy actress with a love for food, great music, good movies, life changing literature and awkward moments.

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