How writing for She Might Be upped my Blogging Game

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First things first, in the world of blogging I am a beginner. Not a week goes by that I don’t learn something new about this world. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert you may be interested to know how writing for an online magazine can change the game. This is written from my personal experiences with writing for She Might Be, so don’t hate the player!

She Might Be

I started my blog a couple of years ago, all with some rather awkwardly posed photographs in front of my back garden fence (visit here for a chuckle). I started with just fashion, seen as though that’s what attracted me to blogging. After a while I wanted to write more. I opened up a travel section for my blog and started writing about another passion of mine. However as you may know, this becomes very addictive and when I saw She Might Be were looking for more writers I applied instantly.


I’m a History of Art and Archaeology graduate, a degree which seems to get a little lost in my day job as a Business Development Manager for an Engineering Consultancy. I wanted to put this passion into a series, perhaps linking my love for the plus size world. Thus was born Plus Size Women throughout History. From this a few things happened:


  • I gained more readers/traffic to my website


I found a new audience. I was getting clicks through from readers who seemed to enjoy my writing. The best part was the engagement. They were genuinely interested in my posts.


  • I made a bunch of new friends


The team at She Might Be are like a little family. We share, discuss and ask questions in a group dedicated to the writers. This open discussion has allowed me to clarify things I didn’t know about blogging without feeling embarrassed. The team are super supportive!


  • Opportunities Arose!


After writing a couple of blogs for the series, I was approached by a Museum to write up on their exhibition. Every blogger loves a sponsored opportunity. It makes your work feel valued and you can’t fault a little bit of dosh for your hard-written piece.


  • I was given the freedom to explore new categories without being anxious of mistakes


She Might Be give the writers a lot of freedom. It’s great to be given the freedom to explore new fields without the pressure of keeping it up as a category on your own blog.


  • I was Aware


Without She Might Be I wouldn’t be quite so switched on with what is going on in the world. The diverse bunch of writers allow me to educate myself in a bunch of different fields. This meant my writing got better and more informed.


  • I felt wanted


I had to apply to become a writer. It wasn’t handed to me on a plate. I threw around a bunch of ideas before one was accepted as a series. I loved the refining of ideas and getting a piece that was perfect.


  • It’s improved my CV


Both my personal and blogging CV. I’ve added writing for She Might Be online magazine. Why not? It shows dedication, creativity and ability to work with others.


If you’re interested in becoming a writer for She Might Be, why not apply? Email for more details!

Violet Glenton
Violet Glenton

Blogger, Cake-Lover, History Buff and Amazon Woman.

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