The Worst Fat Phobic Comments

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Below is a handy list of things that are fat phobic and suck, if you say any of these things, then you should stop. Now.
​You’re not healthy, what about your heart? You’re costing the NHS so much money.
  1. You don’t know how healthy I am
  2. What about my heart?
  3. So do an ass ton of things, drugs/drinking/smoking/ but no one treats them in the same way. Also I pay my NHS and have only used it to give birth, unaided to two healthy children… just saying.
Stop using your fat phobic fake concern for a stranger’s health, it’s weird and fake. Just be honest, you don’t like fat people and they offend you by not fitting into your idea of pretty.

That’s not ok my friend, I see you.

Fat phobic
Back handed compliments
‘You have such a pretty face.’
Usually said in the same tone of someone delivering the news your dog has cancer. I know you know what I mean, because that’s a typical fat girl complement, isn’t it? You don’t even need to round it off with, ‘for a fatty,’ because society hates fat bodies and so it’s just implied already. Re-read this passage if you’ve ever caught yourself saying this fat phobic ‘compliment’…. yeahhhh pretty shittastic, bet you feel silly now huh?
Fat phobic
Thin people complaining they’re fat.
 If you’re straight sized and you constantly refer to yourself as fat. Or curvy. Or complain how you ate a burger and now you have to go work it off to me, or your fat friends, please shut the fuck up. You’re straight up being a twat. And unless you suffer from BDD you’re fully aware I’m/they’re fat and you’re not. If you can walk into a shop and pick up an item of clothing, you don’t have a clue what fat is, and you don’t get to put yourself in the same team. Or talk for us. It’s the equivalent of mansplaining. And I ain’t go no time to facilitate you or your micro-aggression.
Fake niceness

Straight sized people telling me I’m brave for my outfit choices. Hmmmm, I don’t even know where to start. I usually just smile and say am I ? Ammmmm I? And do this face.

fat phobic

I won’t expand, if you do this to fat people you know what you did. Stappp it.

Asking me if you look fat….
Don’t ask a fat person if you look fat if you’re not. What do you want out of this exchange? You’re not fat so why ask when you know the answer.
Talking about diets/exercise 
I don’t mind if you run or you’re on a diet. But when you constantly round it up with “BECAUSE I’VE PUT SOOOO MUCH WEIGHT ON AND I DON’T WANT TO BE FAT.” That’s fairly offensive. Is fat as a woman the absolute worst thing ever? The message I constantly get is yeah, it’s worse to be fat than literally anything else. Not cool man. And not true at all.
Should you eat that ?

I’ll eat you if you make that comment again.

fat phobic

Health tips
It’s just diet and exercise. Well, thank sweet mother and saviours you were here! To point out the solution! If only I’d known, I mean that right there is a game changer my friend. (I’ll stop now, I feel at this point I’m just abusing sarcasm.)

So in conclusion the above list is the absolute worst. So before you say/type this sort of fat phobic stuff, ask yourself why. Ask yourself if you know how your words work to contributing to the oppression of fat bodies in society.
Finally, I leave you with this photo…

fat phobic



Leanda Lewis
Leanda Lewis

Child raising, husband having, veggie, feminist, sci fi loving foul mouth gin swiller. I design jewellery too!


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