Women in Uniform: Feeling Invincible

Katy Somerville

Katy Somerville

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Living in the land of Oz, running on stars, caffeine, lipstick, birds, and pessimism.
Katy Somerville

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Almost everyone I know has at least one accessory or item of clothing that makes them feel pretty invincible. A uniform that helps them take on the world.

The Little Black Dress that makes you feel perfect or that killer pair of heels that make your legs look like they go for miles. Those tracksuit pants that feel like angels themselves weaved them from the clouds or that t-shirt you’ve had since you were 15 which is so thin and worn that it feels as though it will fall to pieces at any moment but it magically never does. Or the jacket that you rug up in while you drink coffee in a takeaway cup and pretend you’re in a cop show set in New York (or is that just me…?)

It might be something else – that magical, Holy Grail shade of eye-shadow or eyeliner that makes your eyes sparkle or the hairstyle that looks as if you’ve just left the hairdresser or stepped out of a shampoo commercial.

Jewellery, jeans, dresses, shoes, underpants – I think we all have a few items that make us feel incredible – like we could take on the world. Like a personal uniform that says ‘I am Queen’. So – what’s the one thing that makes me feel amazing? My I-Can-Do-Anything-Because-I-Am-Magnificent item? Are you all ready?

It’s a Wonder Woman tiara. Well, it’s more like a headband.  A homemade headband put together from scraps of leather and a very un-elasticated piece of elastic. Anyway, homemade or store-bought tiara, it’s not exactly something that I wear every day, however, anytime I put on my Wonder Woman crown – I feel amazing.

I feel beautiful and well, funnily enough, like a superhero who has just put on her uniform.


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In the wake of the new DC Wonder Woman movie taking the world by storm (well, taking me by storm and making me cry with happiness because I’ve waited for nearly twenty years for my favourite superhero to have her very own movie) it feels like the time to reveal myself as a great big Wonder Woman fangirl, in case the giant Wonder Woman tattoo on the back of my calf hadn’t given it away already to those who know me.

Pre the Gal Gadot incarnation of Diana Prince, I was invited to a party that was “uniform themed”.  In all honesty, I had forgotten about the theme aspect of the party until about a week before and I frantically started thinking about how I could put together some kind of uniform from the items already in my cupboard/costume bag and then I remembered the Wonder Woman costume I had made several years ago for a friends superhero party and I figured hey, that’s pretty much a uniform.

The costume was fashioned from the following items:

  • A second-hand red bed sheet
  • Yellow felt with a ‘W’ in permanent marker drawn on it
  • The underwire and straps from some old bras
  • Two very tiny blue netball skirts attached together and hand painted with white stars
  • Big chunky lace-up boots painted with red acrylic paint with a very wonky white stripe along the top and down the middle
  • A zipper, some very questionable sewing, hot glue and a bunch of safety pins

A yellow nylon rope was my Lasso of Truth and silver cardboard become my bullet deflecting bracelets. The pièce de résistance of my Princess of Themyscira outfit was the gold painted headband with a red star glittering proudly in the centre. It’s a very fancy accessory, being made, as stated earlier, from leather remnants and a piece of elastic I found in my cupboard. It was classic, first edition, comic book Wonder Woman.

I was very nervous about going to this party. Nevertheless, I did some breathing exercises, had a few scotches, blow-dried my thick wavy hair and hair-sprayed it with the biggest can of hairspray in the land. I carefully did my makeup with fresh-faced and polished foundation and glowing ‘I’ve just come from saving the world’ blush on my cheeks, along with vibrant blue eye-shadow to compensate for the fact that unlike my favourite Amazon, I sadly do not have delightfully blue-black hair. Thick black eyeliner with false eyelashes (I wish I could wear them every day but my patience is not that good) and bright Russian Red lipstick finished the look,  and I’m not going to lie – that Lasso of Truth has really taken a hold – the face in the mirror was awesome.

My makeup looked great and my bouffant hair was… well… quite bouffant-y.  But something was missing.

I retrieved the headband (which hangs, like Sugar Ray’s ‘Every Morning’, on the corner of my four post bed) and carefully lowered it over my voluminous hair and tentatively looked at the Mirror Me. That was it. The missing piece.  With the gold band on my head, I was ready to take on the world – or if not the world, at least any muggers I ran into on my way to the party.

The red paint on my boots was flaking and my hand stitched top was held tighter with a safety pin and my cape was long gone. But with my Amazon Princess tiara and my favourite matte red lipstick, I really did feel like a goddess.

Wonder Woman was created by DC Comics in 1942 and since then she has, undeniably, been through many changes of styles and voices.  Through all of those years I have always found her to be wonder-ful (I had to, I’m sorry) while she kicked butt and stood up for what she believed in. There are a lot of varied opinions regarding DC Comics and poor ol’ Diana Prince but in the end this is my little rant and 32 year old Katy loves Wonder Woman just as much as 14 year old Katy did.

Whether she was dressed in her modest flippy skirt, classic super hero underpants, a hip and happening sixties outfit, a patriotic dominatrix, or her fancy new slightly muted armour, she has always been a warrior. Brave and firm in her beliefs and well… Wonder Woman.

When I wear my favourite red lipstick I feel pretty awesome. When I wear my favourite red lipstick with my Wonder Woman tiara I feel like a warrior princess. I feel powerful and like I don’t need to apologise for who I am or what I stand for or the choices that I have made. It’s my world and I am my own Princess of Themyscira. I feel like Wonder Woman and I love that feeling.

Maybe I do need to incorporate the tiara into everyday wear.



Katy Somerville
Katy Somerville

Living in the land of Oz, running on stars, caffeine, lipstick, birds, and pessimism.


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