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When this magazine started, we all made a promise. We promised to protect the rights of plus size women. We promised to defend our allies and challenge those who ever made us feel ‘less than’. We’re a radical publication, I get that – as Daisy said earlier in the week, we absolutely do not speak about weight loss (ugh) or how to ‘flatter’ yourself (ugh x 1000) – so we’re not for everybody, and that is okay. But while we may not be your cup of tea, we are still 100% in your corner.


So when it came to light earlier today that the British Plus Size Awards had been cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice, we were furious. Our comrades (even some of our writers) have spent small fortunes acquiring tickets, travel, accommodation, gowns. They could have had titles such as ‘best blog’ which could have earned them brand deals. Some of my friends have set money aside weekly, some other women have literally flown across the world for this honour. And somebody decides to cut and run with my girls’ money? No.

Here are some examples of the shit she has caused.


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plus size awards

Curvykate save the day!

So now you can see why we are beyond angry at this point. As a community, this is our chance to come together. Never have I seen so many ladies join together in such love and support. Our fairy godmothers Curvy Kate promised #youshallgototheball and secured free entry to Club Indulge for everybody who had a BPSA ticket.  (Edited to add Club Indulge were willing to make this happen before CK contacted them. They are more than happy to be trying to make up for this horrible mess –  Daisy). Beyond that, who knows? There is no doubt that a crime has occurred here: the woman was poaching for tickets mere hours ago. So while we might never know who won an award, and Blobby Williams might have to put his mic away for one more night, we will absolutely do what we can to get to the bottom of this and we will support you all in an effort to get refunds. We are so sorry if you have lost money and time for this, and we hope we can help you find some closure.

Hats off to our wonderful community and the amazing Curvy Kate.




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