Why Weight Loss Praise Makes Me Eye Roll

Leanda Lewis

Leanda Lewis

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“Oh hi, you’ve lost so much weight!”  I’ve heard this weight loss praise on and off over my yo-yo BS diet career, but it’s only the last few years that I’ve seen it for the pile of garbage, ridiculously weird comment it truly is.
Weight Loss Praise
  1.  In my experience it’s not how we greet dudes. And if we’d find something bizarre when said to a bloke, then it should apply to us women too. Equality, mofos.
  2. We don’t praise people for getting fat, so why praise them for getting thin?
  3. Weight loss is as interesting as cutting your dead ends or growing your toenails or taking a crap. I’m not going to congratulate you for those bodily things.
  4. It 100% reinforces woman should be small and take up less space. You’re worth more, the less you weigh. You need to lose weight to become acceptable to your peers.
  5. What if I lost weight because I was ill? I’ve heard people give weight loss praise to really ill woman, not knowing their condition and telling them how ‘awesome’ they look.
  6. It’s sad that’s the first thing you notice about someone and it’s sad we are conditioned to associate being thin with the highest possible praise, an achievement akin to winning the noble peace prize, splitting the atom or giving birth.
  7. It’s ramming home a BS, outdated, and super damaging trout that this is how we should look, and if we don’t WHY NOT? WHY IN ACTUAL JESUS NOT, KAREN?
  8. If you tell me I look better now, did you think I looked terrible before?
  9. It’s weird. It’s just a really weird thing to get over excited about. Stop it.

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