Why Trends Don’t Matter

Michelle Hopewell

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Black British, faith filled, curvy actress with a love for food, great music, good movies, life changing literature and awkward moments.

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Trends are such an interesting creature to me. I didn’t fully understand them until I was an adult and even then I found it somewhat foreign and unknown. Probably because I did not grow up around it, when it was introduced into my life I was already used to living without it.

I think that’s why they have never been particularly important to me. I’ve observed them in some ways, but mostly from a distance and never with any reverence. I know from Devil Wear’s Prada that they are sacrosanct to the fashion world, but I’m afraid I remain like Anne Hathway. In awe, respectful, but still unwilling to bend completely to the rule of trends.

We have to be our own trendsetters. Fashion is art and being obedient to what is currently popular does not create or cultivate the best art that we see in our histories. So I would like to suggest this to you – trends do not matter.
I know that probably makes me an outcast and not a true fashionista but what can I do? I truly believe that this is the case. For the sake of knowing what is coming we have our A/W and S/S collections, and I do believe designers and retailers keep their eye to the ground for what is coming next in order to be prepared for what the market want. But do they really need to tell us what we want? Surely we are allowed to decide?

I’ve said before that I am a BIG sale shopper. Paying full price for things isn’t always an option for me and this means that I spend the majority of my time and coin in the sale section, and that’s whether I am online or in the high street.
Now that being said, it means that I spend a lot of the time getting what I’d like from the sale, past collections, old fashions and you know what? I love it.

Sure it may seem like I’m a step behind the rest of ya’ll but I really don’t mind. I think some of my best and staple items have come from the sale and I don’t think that’s effected my style in anyway. In fact I think it forced me to become even more creative because I wasn’t always chasing after what’s hot and current. It means that my style truly has evolved and refined based on what I like. This has nothing to do with what works on me, what I should or shouldn’t wear. It isn’t based on the gaze of anyone else but myself.

I’m not waiting for some stylist to tell me this is the next best thing. It means I’m not losing hours pouring over magazines trying to work out how I’m going to be able to afford all of these different articles of clothing.
I know this is some people’s thing and I absolutely don’t disregard it. I think there is an art to being aware of trends. Its masterful to be able to curate your wardrobe, but I’m just saying that I have worked out it isn’t for me.
Trends are what we make of them and if it means being constricted and dictated to then I encourage you to forge your own ideas and walk your own path.

Wear the colours you want, when you want. Try the cuts and styles you want without worrying about whether or not something is designed for your body type. If you have a body, you have the type. Honestly life is too short to be held captor to what is and isn’t right in fashion. Try things, succeed, make mistakes, be adventurous and remember this is your super exciting journey. Trends will always come and go, but you’re here to stay kiddo, so take a running leap and jump into the water. Trust me, the water is mighty fine. Even in the sale section.

Michelle Hopewell
Michelle Hopewell

Black British, faith filled, curvy actress with a love for food, great music, good movies, life changing literature and awkward moments.

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