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 Lucia Stuns in Elomi

Even with the plus size blogging community being so body positive and celebrating women of all shapes and sizes, often the brands that repost us, aren’t. It’s all too common that brands will only feature the smaller fats and ignore the size 26+ gang, but not this time! Elomi made no big deal of sharing the beautiful Lucia of U Can’t Wear That and the whole community was over the moon that they did. It’s so important for plus size brands to actually show visible plus people on their feeds, especially those in the higher end of plus. Keep up the great work, Elomi!

Navabi x Blogger Collection

Not the official name and we don’t know too many details at this point, but it looks like Navabi has teamed up with a few bloggers to create some very awesome designs and the community are seriously excited. The design illustrations from @BethanyRutter@isabell_decker, and @AglaeDre have been posted on Twitter and we’re already picking out our favourites from the collections!


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Unapologetically You

Another week and another slay from Stephanie with her post on 4 things you realise when you’re unapologetically yourself. Nerd About Town has been one of my go to places to go for inciteful posts, and awesome fashion for months now and Stephanie really just gets better with every post. Also wearing the latest Elvi x Hayley Hasselhoff collection where a whole host of babes have been rocking this particular piece, including….

nerd about town

Danielle Vanier….

Olivia Campbell….

Chrissy Metz’s Latex Look

How incredible did Chrissy Metz look!? Obviously the trolls came out but if you’ve protected your online space and only have the fabulous people on the Internet, then you’ll have seen everyone celebrate this look. We also love her response on social media, you go, Chrissy!

Chrissy metz

Feeling Disconnected

As you’ll all know if you read She Might Be and Kitty’s personal blog, Kitty Rambles, Kitty is an incredible writer. She really explores everything she talks about with such depth and understand and her latest post is no different. Feeling disconnected in the blogging world, especially when you’re not London based, is something most of us feel. I bet there are some London bloggers that still feel disconnected. It’s tough, and Kitty talks about how she’s been feeling and how she’s going to overcome it!

kitty morris

Alternative Fashion Fest

These Men stripped down for photo shoot aimed at tackling ‘six-pack’ culture and they totally rocked it. I know I wasn’t the only one whose face lit up when I saw this post appear on my timeline, I mean, just how awesome is this!? Alternative Fashion Fest is known for things like and they were even featured on Good Morning Britain to promote body positivity!


Alternative Fashion Fest



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Georgina Grogan

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Georgina Grogan
Georgina Grogan

Creator of She Might Be Magazine, Mother of Cats, Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle, & Disability Blogger.

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