Wedding dress shopping is so scary, what should I do?

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A Plus Size specialist bridal boutique owned by Rebecca. Lover of photoshoots, pretty things and helping every bride find her dream dress!
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Edith and Winston Bridalwear

Do not be put off having the experience of wedding dress shopping because of the number on the label. It’s just a number and it’s not worth putting yourself through unnecessary stress. Wedding dress shopping is fun, there are so many great designers and boutiques out there now that cater to you. We have met so many nervous brides, we have them in all shapes and size gowns, and we have a laugh and a giggle. Not every dress is going to suit you, you may refer to yourself as a sausage in one, but the next will make you feel like a princess. With the boning in the right places and the perfect fit, you will feel amazing on your wedding day. Even if you don’t find your dress with me, I want you to enjoy your appointment.

Do not buy a dress online from a seller who can offer you the same dress for a fraction of the cost. This is not the same dress but a cheap copy with little to no boning or structure. The fit won’t be the same, neither will the lace and you will be disappointed that it’s not the dress you fell in love with in the boutique.

Call and book your appointment in advance, talk to the boutique owner and tell them what you’re afraid of. Come on your own, with just one friend or parent for your first ever appointment so you can get a feel for what it’s like wedding dress shopping, before having lots of family and bridesmaids with you — this can be quite daunting.

During your appointment, there will be no other brides here watching you, so there’s no need to worry about that.


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I have spent hours looking at the designers’ samples before I even commit to bringing them to my boutique. I’m probably a bit of a nightmare as I analyse everything. But I do it so that you have the best choice and fit out there on the market. We have a large range of sizes in store, we hope that you get the opportunity to fit into some, and have some too big for you. Because it always feels great to know a dress is a bit big! But don’t worry if a sample is too small either. Because your dress will be perfect. It’s going to need a few tucks and alterations here and there because no two Plus Size bodies are the same. But in the end, you will look incredible on your wedding day and hopefully remember your first appointment with fondness, not sadness.

Edith and Winston Bridalwear Edith and Winston Bridalwear

When is the right time to visit a bridal boutique?

A bride’s journey to finding her wedding dress is unique and individual. But the most common timeline we have found is that our brides often leave their wedding dress shopping until the last minute.

Some brides have recently mentioned that magazines have given them the timeline of 3-6 months before the wedding day to start shopping. If you are a Plus Size bride, please don’t leave it this late. Ideally we would like you to come in a minimum of 12 to 9 months before hand.

Why do I need to come so far in advance?

Leaving your first appointment to the last minute is not recommended. This often results in disappointment for the bride when she realises she can’t have the dress she loves because of the time it takes for a gown to arrive.

Every designer and boutique is different, but here at Edith & Winston Bridalwear our gowns take between 4-5 months depending on the size and length ordered. One of our designers – Ronald Joyce – generally does not keep dresses over a size 24 on hand, or available on a quick delivery.

Brides need to allow 8-10 weeks once the gown has arrived to have it altered, especially over the busy seasons. Often we can fit in alterations in quicker, but it makes the experience a lot more stressful for the bride.

If you want to have a variety and the choice from a large selection of gowns, please don’t leave your appointment until the latest minute. We do have samples that can be purchased, but we only have so many samples in each size up to a UK 28.

Can I have a bolero, Jacket, sleeves or straps made?

Yes! Often we can get the matching lace and you can have a bespoke design created by a seamstress. But the lace takes the same amount of time to arrive as your wedding dress. So this needs to be ordered at the same time as your dress. Some designers – like Ronald Joyce – can’t supply the matching lace and brides then go through the seamstress. But the seamstress still requires 8-10 weeks before your wedding day to start making your jacket, straps etc.



Edith & Winston Bridalwear
Edith & Winston Bridalwear

A Plus Size specialist bridal boutique owned by Rebecca. Lover of photoshoots, pretty things and helping every bride find her dream dress!

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