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your voice

She Might Be has been running for almost six months now, and I think it is probably about time we introduced ourselves properly.

We are a group of ladies of different ages, sizes, ethnicities, upbringings, careers and daily experiences. We have an ever changing and expanding group of writers, and a small group of ‘core’ writers who are also responsible for proofreading, editing and other boring behind-the-scenes things.

We ‘recruit’ our writers via email submissions. Essentially, if you want to write for us and you are willing to follow our very few ‘rules’, you are welcome to write for us. We post on our social media sporadically asking for new submissions, and we have also been known to contact people directly when we’ve particularly loved something they’ve had to say.


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It can be argued – and has actually been commented by us ourselves – that we are not a particularly diverse group. This is not intentional: in fact, we have specifically reached out to women of colour asking for submissions because we want to be able to cover more topics. For example, Debenhams released a range of modest clothing for Muslims last week and we would have loved a feature here on SMB, but because we don’t have any writers who are Muslim it was not possible for that to happen. The misrepresentation there is that we were not interested because it didn’t affect our lives, but actually the opposite was true: if we do not feature your voice, it is not because we don’t want to, it’s because the space for your voice has not been filled.

Additionally, there are times where we may say things in a certain way, or miss out important information, and that makes something come across in an offensive way. Here at She Might Be our sole intention is to be your girl gang. Your sisters. And so our intention has never been to offend. It is so important that we are told when we have worded something wrong or caused offence, so that we can learn from the ‘call-out’ and make sure it doesn’t happen again. Every human learns and grows. We are all ever-changing. It is okay to be wrong, and we are happy to admit that we are wrong and amend our mistakes.

On that note, we previously wrote a post featuring Queen Victoria in our ‘Plus Size Women Through History’ series. We received the feedback that it was offensive to WOC to feature Queen Victoria at all. This was not something any of us had considered, so it was important that it was highlighted to us. In reality, Queen Victoria was merely part of a wider representation of plus size women through history – the article wasn’t necessarily about Queen Vic herself, but about her size and what that means to us – so we made the decision to keep the article, but to adjust it accordingly. As said before, the only way we can grow is to learn when we are wrong and adjust our behaviour accordingly, and we hope our readers will agree with that.

I’m not writing this to specifically address the Queen Victoria article, though we did feel we needed to in some way or another. I’m writing this because when we receive criticism like that, it highlights the gaps we have in our writing team. If you feel like we don’t represent you, please join us and represent yourself. At She Might Be we have limitless room for good writers who share our values, and it is so so important to have a range of lifetime experiences and world views behind each article so that we are writing for every single woman who identifies with the things we say.

So please remember: if you do not hear your voice when you read She Might Be, get in touch because it means there is a voice missing. If you don’t see what you want to be reading, join us and write it. We want your voice and we are open to everybody.


Please send submissions to georgina@shemightbe.co.uk


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