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I have got some serious wanderlust going on so far in 2018. I very rarely even go on holiday; I have been abroad a handful of times, but my husband and I didn’t end up going on a honeymoon, and so far the furthest I will be going this year is Cornwall after I finish my Masters. And yet here I am, indulging my wanderlust and checking out some seriously blue ocean that I want to spend my days jumping in to. Care to join me?


Dream Destination 1 – The Caribbean

I think it’s a dream for everybody, isn’t it? I love the idea of a good ‘culture holiday’. I’ve got a list of libraries I want to visit around the world (honestly I’m not a boring person, I just come across that way!) and a three month USA road-trip all planned out for about 10 years time, but when I think about truly indulging myself and treating my family to the holiday of a lifetime, I picture a warm ocean tickling my toes, palm trees surrounding me and a drink in my hand. I’d love to go to Jamaica, where I could come face to face with some pretty exciting marine life (fun fact! If I could choose a superpower, it would be to breathe underwater!) and soak up the music and food. Or I could head to Barbados where there are some amazing beach resorts and spas that I would love to spend a week frequenting. Barbados is a little bit more ‘tourist’ than other Caribbean places, but if you travel outside of the resorts a little bit there are some real cultural gems that will pique the interest of any history buff.

Destination 2 – The Indian Ocean

You’re not going to get anywhere that will better treat a case of wanderlust than relaxing under the searing sunshine somewhere in the Indian Ocean. My husband and I had always said we would love to just spend a fortnight with no technology, hanging out in The Maldives, swimming with turtles and drinking from coconuts. In fact, I’ve been receiving regular emails with updates on the price of flights out there for about seven years now. The crystal clear ocean is calling my name, and it almost looks like living on a (really posh) desert island for a week or two when you’re staying in those little huts. I’d love to go diving and experience more marine life – I could definitely be persuaded to swim with a hammerhead shark. The Seychelles are an equally amazing dream destination, albeit a little bit more expensive. I envision getting out and about a bit more in The Seychelles, exploring forests and the like, so if your vision of holiday heaven includes more than lounging beach-side then this might be better for you. Personally, I want the most strenuous thing about my holiday to be my ongoing battle with sunburn, in which I am a freckled ginger and I am armed only with Factor 50 and an oversized hat.

Realistically, my 2018 will not include a trip to anywhere that has palm trees, white beaches and oceans you can practically see through. But wouldn’t it be nice?

Comment below and let me know your absolute wanderlust dream holiday.
I’ll probably add it to my bucket list! 

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