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Passionate about plus size clothing and having clothes to fit all. Fat positive, body positive and generally a fan of loving the skin you're in.

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We live in a world where we can barely walk down the street without some sort of sign that we should be trying to change our body. It can be tough to love the skin you’re in when influences from all sorts of directions are telling you that you shouldn’t. Does that mean that you should give up completely and just put up with feeling mediocre? Absolutely not! I won’t pretend there is a one size fits all approach to body confidence that works, but for me blogging works wonders and I know many people feel the same.

Be The Blogger

These days there are so many ways that you can be a blogger, so if you feel like you want to go for it – I say go for it! You can start with posting on platforms such as Instagram and then work your way up from there. Take some outfit posts, use the right hashtags and tag in brands and you’re well on your way to being a top blogger! There is such a friendly community behind blogging that it can be a really good way to meet new people too. Once you know a few faces you can even attend events and get to know even more people – it’s all so much fun!

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I would say that you have to have a slightly thick skin, as not everyone on social media is as kind as we would like – but the love always far outweighs this, so it is well worth it if you can be strong enough to take a risk.


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Read Blogs

You can easily gain confidence from bloggers without being one yourself. There are thousands of bloggers who put themselves out there and who would love to help you on your journey to self-confidence. Get yourself on Instagram and browse some hashtags to get started – you’ll then start to see bloggers tagged in posts and commenting on others so you can follow them too!

One of the nicest things about reading blogs is that there is a such a variety of people online, so you can read blogs from all sorts of people. I have my social media feeds really tailored towards bloggers who have bodies that look like mine. In a world of mainstream media that is trying to educate us that our bodies are wrong, seeing these on my social media feeds is a welcome break and something I really relish.

One of the best things about blogging and social media in general is that you can choose who you follow, and to a certain extent what you see on your newsfeeds and reading lists. For me, this really helped my confidence because I could see people who looked like me doing what I wanted to do and wearing what I wanted to wear. I thought – if they can, so can I… and I did!




Passionate about plus size clothing and having clothes to fit all. Fat positive, body positive and generally a fan of loving the skin you’re in.

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