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Sophie Griffiths
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Every night, I tuck my little wonders in to bed and I begin an evening of candlelit relaxation. The wine is flowing, I hear nothing but the sound of the crackling fire and I spend my evenings indulging in smooth chocolate and wonderful literature.

All of what I’ve just written is a lie. In reality, my life is pretty chaotic. I home educate two children, I am self employed, I am studying towards a masters and I have daily CBT homework. Any spare time I have is spent keeping on top of the housework, preparing food for my family and catching a few moments here and there to enjoy some online gaming. It is my only time of the day to do something completely for myself, and whether its something that takes skill like Words With Friends or Rabbit Smash, or something based entirely on luck like a good game of Texas Hold ‘Em or having a go on the Slots, I love to take that time to zone out and recharge.


I love gaming across all of my devices. I use my laptop on a daily basis to engage in my Uni reading, write my blog and do admin on my Etsy shop (and to write and proof for a little website you might have heard of, called She Might Be…) and I try to break up the monotony by giving myself 10 minute breaks which are filled with nothing but mindless fun every hour or so. My favourite way to play on my laptop is definitely gambling – I like bingo and slots the most, and I’m particularly enjoying the Santa game on CasinoEuro. Nothing beats the adrenaline of winning a bit of money, especially when you can trust that you aren’t going to lose any more money than that which you earmarked at the beginning; CasinoEuro allows you to set yourself a deposit limit, and even gives you the option of switching on a ‘reality check’ which will periodically let you know how long you have been playing and how much money you have spent. You can’t be too careful when it comes to money, and I love that these measures have been introduced to ensure that you can spend your time on the website having a great time instead of worrying that money will automatically be taken from your account if you lose.

When I’m on the go I use my Samsung Galaxy S7 for all of my gaming. I can even have a round of something to keep my mind busy when I’m standing in line at the post office – it is so quick and simple to immerse yourself in gaming. The great thing is that I also game on my husband’s iPad Pro, and the majority of what I play is available across Apple and Android devices. This has opened up so many other games to me – while I have played Texas Hold ‘Em for years, I didn’t think about using a tablet to indulge in any other casino games. I really enjoy games with a competitive edge, but nothing beats that feeling of winning through sheer luck.

So yes, I do have a chaotic life. But when I do have a chance to relax, I’m not one to sit in a quiet room and ponder life’s great questions – instead, I go for fast-paced, exciting gaming which will let my mind unwind within minutes. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.



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