Before You Travel; The Ultimate Holiday Checklist

Whether you travel all the time, or you are gearing up for your first holiday in a while, it can be difficult to remember what you have to take, or what you need to do, before you go. Today, let us take care of that for you with our handy holiday checklist to go through in the months, days and weeks before you travel. Whether it’s for just a few nights, or for a much longer stay, this ultimate holiday checklist list will help you to make sure you have everything you need for a fun and worry-free trip.

 Before You Go, Holiday Checklist


Ultimate Holiday Checklist:

In the Months Before You Go

  • Passport – make sure your passport has enough validity left on it for your return date, the general rule of thumb is it needs to have 6 months validity left on the date of your return. Checking this as early as possible will give you enough time to arrange a renewal if needed.
  • Visas – in a similar vein, do you need a visa for your planned destination? Lead times on arranging a visa for travel can vary depending on the country you are visiting so check this as early as possible.
  • Vaccinations – for some countries, it is recommended that you have either a single or course of vaccinations or boosters before you go, check with your GP if this is required for your intended destination.
  • Insurance – line up some travel insurance for your trip.
  • Itinerary – make sure you know your travel timeline and write it all out if you need to, look at the dates and times of flights, any connections, baggage allowance, seat numbers etc.


In the Weeks Before You Go

  • Packing Prep – this may sound really early, but going to pack a beloved item of clothing the day before you fly only to find it in the washing basket is so frustrating! Get your case out and do a few huge rounds of laundry (yes, even those whites that have been languishing at the bottom for months). When the items you want to take are clean, put them on top of your case to make sure you remember to pack them, and that you don’t wear them again until you travel.
  • Contact Info – give the contact details of where you will be staying to anyone who may need it at home. Similarly, make sure you know where to find the contact details of your service providers (such as airline, hotel, travel agent etc) as they can be difficult to dig up once you are away. Somewhere like Customer Service Guru is perfect for this as they provide particularly hard to reach contact numbers for holiday websites and airlines.
  • Exchange Money – shop around a little in the weeks before you go to get a good rate for your cash, there are plenty of places on many a high street where you can walk in and exchange currency, however some online services can offer a better rate and come with next day special delivery options so double check – or run a price comparison – before you commmit.
  • Inform Bank / Credit Card Company (CCC) – if your bank / CCC allows it, then it could be a good idea to contact them and let them know you intend to travel and to expect transactions from a different location. Whilst this doesn’t always prevent stops being placed on your accounts, it’s still worth doing. Please note: some banks and CCC’s no longer require you to inform them of your travel plans, so please check what your providers ask.


Ultimate Travel Guide Holiday Checklist


The Day Before You Go

  • Double Check Itinerary – now is the time to look over your itinerary again, make sure you have all the necessary timings and documents to get you where you need to be.
  • Finish Packing – if you prepared in the weeks leading up to your travel date, this should be easy! Pack away everything you’ve chosen to taken with you, use the rolling method with your clothes to really make the most of the room in your case.
  • Liquids – check that your liquids will fit into the pre-measured clear bag (I usually grab a handful every time I’m at the airport so I can pack the liquids bag ahead of time). Decant anything over 100mls into travel sized bottles.
  • Charge EVERYTHING – put all of your electricals on to charge: phones, battery packs, laptops, tablets, electric toothbrushes… charge them all fully and then pack them in your case or hand luggage once they’re done.
  • Cash – make sure you have a little bit of your local currency in your purse / wallet as it’s handy to have some cash for anything that might crop up before you jump on the plane.
  • Last Minute Chores – here is where you take care of last few domestic tasks. Water your plants, throw away or donate any perishable food that will go off while you’re away, take the bins out, put your lights on the timers etc.


You’re nearly there! If you’ve followed the holiday checklist so far you should feel calm, collected, and most importantly prepared on your travel date. So put on your comfy travelling outfit, pack your toothbrush and the last of your toiletries, turn all your plugs off, lock all the windows, and – last but not least – don’t forget your passport!

Travelling, whether for business or leisure doesn’t need to be complicated. The most important thing to remember is that preparing well – either using our holiday checklist or a more tailored version, being comfortable, and doing everything you can to enjoy the ride are surefire ways to ensure you start your journey in the most positive way possible. Now, go forth and have excellent adventures!

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