UK Plus Size Fashion Sizing Survey Results (UPDATE)


UK Plus Size Fashion Sizing Survey Results


You may remember back at the end of 2016 we launched our plus size fashion sizing surveyasking for your help to get to grips with the current state of UK plus size brand sizing. As so much of our shopping has to be done online, we wanted to build a database page here so that anyone can access it for sizing guidance before committing. So many of you responded that we were able to get a UK Plus Size Fashion Brands Sizing sizing help page up and running really quickly, and we were able to write a ‘story so far’ post for you back in January.


A huge thanks to you all for continuing to fill in our survey over the last few months and sharing it widely; we are raplidly approaching 1000 responses so far and we’re still getting a steady stream surveys filled in! This month we have been able to update our page again with even more accurate results that include some brands that we had no information for last time – say hello to In The Style Curve, Daisy Street Plus, Girls on Film Curve, Liquor & Poker Plus, MAT Fashion & Monif C who we now have some great info for.


If anyone has any info about Quiz Clothing Curve and Unique 21 Hero, then please pop on over to the survey and share your experiences with us as currently they’re the only two left that we have no results for.She Might Be True to Size Champions

Looking at our new data now added to the existing results, our previous ‘True to Size’ champions Sienna Couture and Traffic People have been usurped by newcomers Liquor & Poker Plus and MAT Fashion. Whether that is because there are less responses for them, or that they are truly well sized remains to be seen and it’s something we’ll keep an eye on for the next update. We could really do with more responses for Silly Old Seadog, Paper Dolls Plus and Want That Trend Plus, as they’re currently split very equally between two or three answers so sadly they’re the least helpful statistically – either that or their sizing is rather odd indeed!


Most Erratic Sizing


Once again, Scarlett & Jo and Simply Be came out as brands with some of the most erratic sizing; with responses ranging from ‘size down twice’ all the way through to ‘size up twice’ on the scale. However, they have company this time with Joanna Hope and Gemma Collins joining them.


The long term aim of the sizing database is to help make shopping for plus size clothes online easier. In time, we want to make the page more and more useful; eventually moving to include photos of a variety of body sizes and shapes in the full range of sizes for each brand, as well as advice, comment and discussion for clothing types (i.e. stretch / non-stretch / blouses / dresses etc..) In the meantime, we hope you find the information on the page useful and continue to feedback your sizing experiences with UK plus size brands so we can keep the page up to date!

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