UK Plus Size Fashion Brands Survey Results (so far…)


UK Plus Size Fashion Sizing Survey Results


You might remember that at the end of 2016 we launched our plus size fashion sizing surveyasking you – our readers – to give your sizing feedback for every brand on the UK plus size fashion scene. A huge, huge thank you to everyone who took part! Thanks to the overwhelming amount of responses received, we are now beginning to build up a comprehensive picture of each brand’s sizing.


All the results received so far have been entered onto our brand new UK Plus Size Fashion Brands Sizing database page which we will keep updating regularly as we receive more responses and so more accurate results. You can still help us expand this page at any time by filling in the survey which is open indefinitely.Lavish Alice vs Missguided PlusLooking through the data there are some really interesting results; like in the image above, some brands are absolutely consistent and received a solid 100% in responses as in the case of Lavish Alice which everyone across the board reported that they had to size up once. This is also the case for brands such as Wolf & Whistle and Truly You: their sizing, whilst consistent was consistently off. Others, like Missguided Plus (as above) and BooHoo Plus were harder to pin down. Both came out with almost straight thirds saying true to size, size up once and size up twice.


Scarlett & Jo and Simply Be came out as brands with some of the most erratic sizing; with responses ranging right from ‘size down twice’ through to ‘size up twice’ on the scale. The award for the ‘Truest to Size’ based on your feedback goes to Silly Old Seadog, Traffic People and Sienna Couture.


The long term aim of the sizing database is to help make shopping for plus size clothes online easier. In time, we want to make the page more and more useful; eventually moving to include photos of a variety of body sizes and shapes in the full range of sizes for each brand, as well as advice, comment and discussion for clothing types (i.e. stretch / non-stretch / blouses / dresses etc..) In the meantime, we hope you find the information on the page useful and continue to feedback your sizing experiences with UK plus size brands so we can keep the page up to date!


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