Two Baby Keepsakes from Baby Art

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I really love little keepsakes to document memories. When Baby Art offered to send me two products to try out, I was all hands on deck ready to create some lasting memories of my baby. With gifts suitable from age 0+ up there are so many options. I picked out the Rounded Double Frame in Copper (Dark Grey) and the Magic Box as a first attempt at some baby art.

Now I’ll add here that I’ve never done any baby art before. I’ve photographed Jasper non-stop, but made any art with him? No. I’m not entirely sure why, maybe I thought it would be difficult trying to get a little wriggler to co-operate. Yet, I was pleasantly surprised.

Baby Art, She Might Be

The first magic box kit looked a little dubious. All too simple. I loved the storage tin and thought this would make an excellent gift for a mum-to-be, or another relative – I’ll be passing it on to my Mother in Law. The simplicity didn’t let me down. Following the step-by-step instructions, it was super easy to squeeze, roll out and print Jasper’s foot and leave to set.

Baby Art, She Might Be

With the assistance of my husband we had created a gorgeous little print.

Baby Art, She Might BeBaby Art, She Might Be

Now we were ready to try something a little more tricky. Using the same method, the Copper Frame set provided a little more moulding clay so that you can create a foot and a hand print. Best of all with both of these products, no warming/baking is needed to create. You just stamp and go!

I gave the second set a little trim in order to fit properly into the frame. It meant I had heaps of clay left over to use for another piece of art. Who doesn’t love to have more than their money’s worth?

Baby Art, She Might BeBaby Art, She Might Be

Have you ever created any baby art before? Leave me any ideas/tips and tricks below so that I can make them with Jasper!




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