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Daisy Hollands

Mother. Plus size model. Fat Activist. Diet Industry Dropout.
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So, what’s your favourite social media space? Me, I love Twitter. Facebook makes you hate the friends you already have, Twitter makes you fall in love with people you’ve never met. Twitter makes you want to buy drinks for people. Facebook makes you want to throw drinks at them. I could go on, but you get the idea…

Maybe it’s the character limit. Perhaps 140 letters is just not enough time to reveal yourself as a total arse? I don’t know. But anyway, I digress – I love Twitter. When I was a kid, I had multiple penfriends and lived for the letters we would exchange. In a way, Twitter is exactly like that, only shorter and quicker. Micro updates throughout the day, straight to my phone.

One of the ways I like to preserve and protect my mental health is by filling my social media with like minded souls, so when the bad days come, there are still these little beams of positivity bursting in through the dark clouds. Reinforcement and validation for the times I’m just not feeling it.

Sounds good right? You want some of that for yourself? Great! If you don’t already have one, sign up for a Twitter account and let’s get following!


Jes Baker – activist, speaker, author and all round awesomeness. Jes is honest and open and what she doesn’t know (and share) about living in a fat body, isn’t worth knowing.



Alysse Dalessandro – plus size fashion blogger turned wildly successful designer. Alysse makes clothes that are beyond fabulous and uses genuine plus bodies to model them.


“Your fat friend” – apologies, I don’t know her real name – shares her wisdom on Twitter and at length on Medium. Asking the hard questions on Twitter, she finds a way of putting our fat feelings into words, so non-fats can learn better how to support us.


Amazing family owned business, fronted by Perelandra & Nicky, not only do they have their exclusive, inclusive designs, bringing fashion for all (and I do mean all), but their Twitter feed is a thing of beauty. Positive, uplifting and the biggest “Just do you” ever. Another brand that features real plus sized customers wearing their clothes – we love that!



Baker, author and model, Ruby shot to fame in 2013 when she appeared on The Great British Bake Off. Speaking openly about her battle with eating disorders and campaigning for a sea-change in attitudes towards food, Ruby’s razor sharp wit and searing honesty make her Twitter feed one to watch.



Melissa A Fabello is an important voice, speaking loud and clear on body image, feminism and sexuality.


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Michelle Elman, activist and coach is an emerging star on the BoPo scene. Her #scarrednotscared campaign is gathering ground and her message is really important.



Judi Craddock, another amazing coach, keeps her Twitter feed positive with her strategies for better body confidence. I happen to know that Judi is currently writing a book,and I can’t wait for that to be released.


Nathanael Lark is an artist, living in Los Angeles. His drawings are cute and sexy and he truly sees the beauty in everyone. He only has a small following in Twitter, but has over 40k followers on Instagram.

So that’s ten super awesome Twitter accounts for you to follow. But before I go, I just want to check…are you following US on Twitter?? If not, why not? You’re missing out!


Our fab writers (she said modestly) all log int0 our She Might Be Twitter account, so we can share all the latest in body positivity news and keep you all up to date with what we have planned. It’s probably the fastest way to get hold of us and we’re also on Facebook and Instagram. Are you following us there too?


All our writers have their Twitter links in our bios, so you can follow us all individually too! Happy tweeting!



Daisy Hollands
Daisy Hollands

Mother. Plus size model. Fat Activist. Diet Industry Dropout.

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