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‘As smooth as a baby’s bum’ was an expression I was brought up with. When my baby Jasper was born, I was actually amazed at just how smooth all of his skin was. I couldn’t stop stroking it, kissing him and squeezing his little face. Yes I’m THAT person.

At about a week old he started to get what many babies get and developed Milk Spots. I felt awful and was struggling to understand what to do to help. Of course with all newborns it’s recommended you do not over wash them as they produce natural oils. When as little as my guy is it’s best to be washing in cooled boiled water and cotton wool as opposed to creating a lovely big bubble bath. However when I had bathed and washed him I realised his skin was dry in certain places and looked for some assistance. From research I could see it was absolutely normal for him to get a little dry in certain areas and that a little bit of baby oil would help. I’d heard mixed reviews about Johnson’s baby so opted to look for more natural products.

Products for Babies

Pure Potions Baby & Child

Firstly I tried Pure Potions Baby & Child Oil and a sample of their Lavender Nappy Salve. Jasper only had a teeny bit of nappy rash about day 3 of bringing him home but with two applications of the nappy salve (which smells amazing) it had completely cleared up. I now apply it after bath time just to form a protective barrier and keep the rash away.

The oil itself it’s perfect for after a bath aswell. I’ve been applying it to his legs and arms to maintain the moisture and his skin has become incredibly soft again after about a week of using it. The dryness has completely cleared up and the softness returned. This could be a combination of his body adjusting to the big wide world but it has given me peace of mind to be able to apply a product to help him along his way.

Products for Babies 

HiPP Baby Oil

I love love love this oil. On days when I choose not to bathe Jasper I have opted a baby night massage into his routine to try soothe him on an evening. Whether or not this helps him relax I have no idea but he does seem happy to lay and have his legs and body gently massaged in this oil. HiPP oil is a natural plant oil and is quickly absorbed into the skin. It’s recommended that you apply to a babies skin when a little wet but I’ve had no problem applying to dry skin on an evening.

 Products for Babies

Aveeno Baby Soothing Relief Cream

Aveeno is a product well known in my household. My husband has severe skin allergies with most moisturisers and Aveeno is one of the few products that doesn’t trigger a flare up. When I saw that Aveeno did Baby Soothing Relief Cream I had to purchase. It’s made with Colloidal Oatmeal which restores the natural barrier of moisture on the skin. I won’t lie I prefer to use this product on myself than I do my baby as he gets on so well with the oils. But this is definitely the cream product I’d use frequently if I require a thicker product for baby J.

Products for Babies

Do you have any recommendations for baby products? We’d love to hear below.


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