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There’s nothing I love more than finding a palette that suits my every need, especially when holiday season fast approaches, and agonising over which palette to take away with you becomes main priority. I mean you want a palette that compliments each 21 of your outfits (even though you’re only there for a week!), right?!

I have never been particularly ‘adventurous’ with my eye makeup. I usually stick to a matte brown in the crease and a simple winged liner. However, when Too Faced released this Sweet Peach palette, I was all for it so I made a rather hefty order on Debenhams.

I also picked up the ‘Better Than Sex’ mascara, which on a side note is amazing as well!


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It’s evident from the popularity of this palette, the endless looks that can be created. From the classic base shades to colours Barbie would be proud of, this palette really does contain a shade for every one and for every situation. Whether you fancy a one-and-done shade across the lid, or an ever so glamorous smoky eye, all looks are possible.

And that’s what I love about this palette, it allows me to stick with my simple everyday look as well as provide endless opportunities when having a rather adventurous day.

Looks that I can create:

  • Bronzed Goddess – Base, Cobbler; Crease, Puree and Summer Yum; Inner Corner, Luscious.
  • Smoky Eye – Base, Tempting; Crease, Charmed, I’m Sure; Inner Corner, Peaches ‘N’ Cream.
  • Summer Peach – Base, Bellini; Crease, Candied Peach and Puree; Inner Corner, White Peach.

The idea of taking just one palette on holiday not only saves on luggage allowance and space but also simplifies the getting ready process saving more time to enjoy a cocktail or two (or three).

Now even though this Too Faced palette ticks all of my boxes, doesn’t mean it must tick yours. If you have a particular palette that you believe signifies endless opportunities, let me know in the comments below!







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