TK Maxx – a plus size failure?



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I have always loved TK Maxx – rummaging for unusual ornaments and new thermos drinking flasks is practically a hobby for me and I usually find myself in my local store at least once a month. If I’m going on holiday then TK Maxx is where I’ll head for a new pair of sunnies and a beach tote… and if I’m going out or to an event then I’ll hit up the jewellery section. 

What I don’t usually do, is look at the clothes. 

My size varies anywhere from a UK16 to a UK22, depending on where I shop – wherever I go, however, I’m still classed as plus size. I know that TK Maxx go up to UK size 18, but from past experience I also know that the brands stocked usually size up very small – thus I stopped bothering to look at what was out on the rails because it was almost always too small. 

Today, I was rummaging through eyeshadow palettes when I noticed a ‘plus size’ sign out of the corner of my eye. I have no idea how long it’s been there, but I got excited that I might find beautiful clothes to fit me – I headed over. 

My excitement was short lived. 


Sure enough, there were two rails stocked with plus size garments, but the first thing I noticed were that there were nothing in any sizes above a UK24 – hardly an inclusive plus size section… I found the UK20 section and had a look at what was on offer; I was sorely disappointed. Seven out of the eight items were beige, and all looked like they would be right at home in a nun’s weekend wardrobe. There was nothing colourful or even vaguely exciting. I hoped things would be better when I went to investigate the other plus size sections, but the situation just got worse. The selection of clothes was abysmal and there was not a splash of color to be seen. I found that everything was frumpy and there were no designs even remotely interesting! 

While TK Maxx will always hold a place in my heart for makeup, accessories, stationery, and homeware, it has an awful long way to come in the way of plus size fashion. 

I would love to see the diversity in colour, cut and style that is available in smaller sizes reflected in the plus size section of the store. With so many different brands under one roof, TK Maxx should be an advocate and trailblazer for size diversity – and yet here we are. Fingers crossed that change and improvement are on the horizon. 


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