Tips For Surviving Summer While Fat



Passionate about plus size clothing and having clothes to fit all. Fat positive, body positive and generally a fan of loving the skin you're in.

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Tips For Surviving Summer While Fat

Surviving Summer

With Summer fast approaching, I know there are many people that start to dread the Summer months. I will be honest and say that I love Summer and the warmer weather, but I can see why people don’t. I think the reason I like the Summer months so much is because I take time to look after myself during the warm weather and ensure that I am as comfortable as possible.

You Are Allowed To Take Up Space

Although this isn’t strictly a Summer tip, it is one that I wanted to cover straight away. As a plus size person it can be tempting to try and hide aware and feel bad for the space that you take up – however, this is a habit that needs to stop. Whatever your size, you are entitled to be. It seems like such a simple concept, but I know one that many people struggle with. Remind yourself as often as it’s needed that you are allowed to take up the space that your body takes up and that no one can tell you otherwise.

Don’t Be Afraid to Show Skin

It is fact that if you wear lots of clothing, you’ll feel much warmer. The issue is that many of us still feel that showing skin is something that should be avoided by plus size bodies – let me tell you now, this is not true! You are allowed to flash the flesh on your arms and show your legs. You do not have to wear cardigans and go out covered up. I know that taking these steps can be tough, but I promise you it is worth it! Next time the weather is warm, if you want to wear a cardigan then give yourself a little time with your arms out. It can be scary but even just half an hour at a time is a great step, each time you go out leave your cardigan off a little longer – the feeling of fresh air on your skin is one that can not be beaten.


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Surviving SummerClothing Choices

Even if you don’t want to show some skin, make sure you wear clothing that is cool. Maxi dresses are a fantastic choice because they’re so flowy and cool – just make sure you take care of the dreaded chub rub underneath if that is something that you suffer with (we all love for this, use our code shemightbe10 for 10% off!) Another tip is to make sure that you wear comfortable shoes – your feet are going to get hot and sweaty and you don’t want shoes that are going to rub and make you feel miserable. Wear well fitted shoes or sandals, socks if appropriate and then take them off when you get home to give yourself some air.

Be Cool

No one can avoid being completely warm during the Summer months – that’s half the fun! However, there are some great things you can do to make sure you stay as cool as possible. What I like to do is freeze a bottle of water and then take that out with me, on warm days this starts to melt quickly so you have water to drink, but the ice keeps it nice and cool so you get to enjoy it icy cold – it’s honestly so refreshing and I would recommend that everyone does this.

Take A Little Inspiration

I know that going out and about when the weather is hot can be overwhelming but you deserve a nice Summer as much as anyone else. Remember that social media has a plethora of fat people for you to view and take inspiration from. Look at these every day and take advantage of fat people showing you living their lives and what you can do too!

What are your top tips for this summer?




Passionate about plus size clothing and having clothes to fit all. Fat positive, body positive and generally a fan of loving the skin you’re in.

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