It’s time to be ruthless with your wardrobe!


Blogger daydreaming around London - iPhone in one hand, camera in the other, and wearing something vintage.

ruthless with your wardrobe

We all need a clear out sometimes, and moving home, like I’m currently in the process of doing, is a great excuse to throw out all the stuff you think you need but in reality, you know you don’t.

The wardrobe has a sense of Narnia for most women and we tend to hold onto things for far longer than we should. We think we’ll get back into that dress, or that we’ll get that skirt mended; but we know deep down that in reality there is very little chance that these things will happen.

I get it though; letting go of a piece of clothing that may have meant a lot to you is a difficult thing to do. It sounds silly but we develop attachments to things that hold a fond memory or remind us of a time we maybe felt a little bit more confident about ourselves than we currently do. Maybe it was something bought by a loved one and handing it over to someone else isn’t something you particularly want to do. I’m guilty of all these things but I’ve come to realise that the journey for said item doesn’t have to stop with me. There are people who will find as much, if not more joy from wearing an item you’ve donated, and that will in turn give you a warm glow knowing that you were able to do that for someone else. What use is an item from your first date with your partner if it’s sat in your wardrobe? What good is that pair of jeans you used to fit into, if they’re sat in a drawer while you wait to “fit” back into them? Do yourself a favour and love the body you’re in now and let the past stay just there. The memories you have in your head far outweigh the item itself.

Now is the time to be ruthless.


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I have two wardrobes full of clothes – TWO! There is no person on earth who really needs two wardrobes of clothes. They are items I have bought over the years, most of which I’ve never worn or have chosen to “save” for a special occasion. I convince myself every time I buy something new that I’ll definitely wear it, only to find it randomly one day in the depths, with the tags still on.

It’s time to sort it out. I’m going to go through each and every piece of clothing and be cut throat as to A. Whether I actually wear it; B. Whether I’m likely to wear it in the next month; C. Whether I have a special occasion (like a pending wedding) to go to where something fancy is needed? If the answer to any or all of these questions is no, I’m throwing it in a black bag and taking it all to a charity shop. I’m not going to hold onto things to sell because I know how lazy I am and they’ll be sitting in my room for months on end while I find the time to photograph and post it all.

Yep, I’m getting rid of half my clothes and I’m actually excited about doing it. They’ll go to loving homes and I’ll have space in my room for more important things…like books!

What piece of clothing have you found difficult to give away?


Blogger daydreaming around London – iPhone in one hand, camera in the other, and wearing something vintage.

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