They’ve Got Legs! Plus Size Babes Keeping Cool This Summer

Summer finally seems to be sneaking up on us, and the sun being out brings the desire to have more skin on show in order to beat the heat. One of the areas that many of us plus size babes struggle with baring is our legs. We might worry about chub rub, about cellulite, about chubby knees and more. Chub rub can be a whole problem of it’s own, so for our top tips on how to avoid it check out our article Thunder Thighs and Chub Rub.

Today I’m here to share a whole bunch of photos of plus size babes rocking the shortest of short-shorts, and the tiniest of dresses, to show you how awesome your legs really are!

Royal Blue Is A Powerful Color! You Can Do So Much Color Combinations!! Oufit powered by: @plushboutik

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Excited for some summer weddings when I can crack out this stunner of a @citychiconline dress from @evansclothing again!

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This is one of my faves ๐Ÿ’– from @evansclothing ๐Ÿ’– #celebratemysize #mybeautifulbody #spottedinevans

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Take me back!!! A few weeks ago #vegas at the #billboards2017 xoxoxo #chubbymannequin

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And of course, I can never resist skies out, thighs out!


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Your legs are beautiful, and they demand to be set free this summer. When the heat rises, don’t hide away in leggings and jeans, don your favourite anti-chub rub remedy and get those knees out! You deserve to be cool and comfortable, and all those things that society deems to be flaws are part of what makes you unique. I’m getting my chubby knees, my eczema ridden calves, my dimpled thighs and my blotchy legs out this summer because I am worthy of being comfortable and happy… and so are you.

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